East wins the battle of the land 118-113

In the words of Renee Montgomery, “Records are meant to be broken.” Of course records in this case meaning ‘history.’ History will have it that the West have absolutely dominated the entire league since the beginning of time. This year however, is a new year, a new decade, with new players. Here is how the East managed to win this game.

Sure everyone knows that the All-Star game is never going to be a game where the best of the best go at it with 100% of the injury, sadly. Players are enjoying their time off from regular work and having fun. Majority, if not all, of the players just wind up shooting insane shots to prove they have the range and to simply excite the crowd. Cappie Pondexter however, looked at this game as every other game. Not at all saying Pondexter did not have fun, that’s just it, she always has fun during games because that is the only way to not lose sanity. Anyways, Pondexter did not start out shooting many shots, like she does in actual games for the NY Liberty, however was clutch when she needed to be. Ending the game with the most points on the East team (17) and also the most assist for the East, as well as the whole game, with (7.) Pondexter showed in this game, that you can be a team player as well as play with your God given talent. Phenomenal game from this lady! [ Who also happens to be one of the official Top 15 Players EVER in the WNBA!!

Katie Douglas, who is currently thought of as one of the league’s top 3pt shooters this season, left this game living up to this expectation! Although Pondexter was the leader of this team, and Pondexter also was the person who got Douglas the ball in the first place, it was still up to Douglas as to if she was going to knock down the 3 or not. Douglas could of froze up, like some players do when the game is on the line, but she knocked that 3 ball down like a straight gangster baller!! Katie Douglas left the court today with 15 points, 2 assist, and 3 rebounds.

Rebekkah Brunson might of had one of the hardest jobs in the arena. Her obligation: Living up to Candace Parker’s spot. With Parker being sidelined with an injured knee, Brunson was selected by the coaches as her replacement. Being this is a big job for anyone to tackle, most player would be rather tense, however that was not the case for Brunson. Coming out lose and excited, she came to play but had a positive spirit that was noticeable by even the commentators. Brunson had a MVP game herself, finishing the game as the second highest scorer for the West(20) and also the second most rebounds for the West (9.) Yes, that is nearly a double double in just her second All-Star game!

Now sure, you can easily argue that there is NO such thing, in any sport, pro or amature, as a MVP being from the losing team!! However, there is nothing we can do about this being the game is long over. Besides, no one can lie saying Cash was not one of the best players out there today. Cash hussled on every single play, defense and offense. So it is only right that she came out as the top scorer at the end of the game. 21 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 assist?? YUP that sounds like a MVP caliber to me!!



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