Mystics lose another close one.. S.A.takes it 73-67

The biggest shocker of the season might not be so much that San Antonio is winning, but it might just be the fact that the Mystics are losing…consecutively. A shocker since the Mystics were dominating the east last season, even making it to the playoffs. Earlier in the season, the Mystics were losing games badly. Blowout, after blowout, something was just not clicking. And now every game they seem to have found their stride, they will be so leading during the game however the Mystics can not close out. Tonight, that was also the case.

Although the Mystics lost, I sure hope they do not allow this to lower their mood. They should look at this loss on a positive note. They were able to run with the “big dawgs”, surely everyone will agree that the Silver Stars are going to the Playoffs this season. Every minute in this game there were two girls that played full hearted, even when the game was clear that it was over. Marrisa Coleman being the Mystics second highest scorer, with 14 points. Coleman landed a nice, NBA type, 3 pointer to give the Mystics a slight and short chance for hope with just seconds remaining. Even though that three pointer was not enough to save the game, i’m sure it gave her a nice moment to realize she is back to normal, since she has not been hitting too many threes this season. Coleman also had 7 rebounds to go with those 14 points.

Crystal Langhorne was another player that the Mystics depended on tonight. Finally getting her stride back, Langhorne was the leading scorer for the Stx. Finishing the game off with 19 points and 7 rebounds. The main point in this game, was her put backs. No matter what quarter, Langhorne was always in the right place at the right time. Not only was she an offensive threat, but a defensive one as well. She pressed her opponents so much, that she had the game high of 3 steals. The only down side of things, Langhorne did allow 7 turnovers, which is not goo for a team to have let alone one player.

BECKY’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well actually i should not say that, because she never left. That is what the commentators say however, it is invalid. Hammon has not been scoring her 20+ a game which is normal for her simply because she is not a selfish player. Her main goal this season was getting her teammates involved. Clearly she does this very well, because her team remained undefeated for such a long period. However once Hammon saw that her team needed her help offensively, she was glad to step in. Leaving the court with the game high, on both sides of the court, 22 points! Also with 5 rebounds and 2 assist. One thing is for sure, every member on this Siver Stars team can slack, Becky will always be there to clean up their shots.

Bring in the BIG girl!!!!! Jayne Appel has been injured for quite some time. Finally getting back healthy, she really let her presence be felt in tonight’s game. Just 2 points away from scoring a Double Double!! 8 points and the game high of 12 rebounds!!!! If this is what Appel plans to do every night, Silver Stars for sure will be going straight to the Western Coference Finals!!!!!


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