Sun keeps on burning, defeating the Sky 77-66

The Sky and the Sun have been just a few teams that have been on a steady winning pace this season. For awhile, the Suns were battling with the Fever and Liberty for the #1 seed. However due to the Fever’s sudden 3 game losing streak, the Suns have finally found them selves tied with the Fever for the #1 seed. Now with Sky, nearly copying the Fever’s approach to the season. Dominating in the very beginning. However, after winning only 4 out of their last 10 games, they now are seeing themselves all the way at the #4 seed in the Eastern conference. It is now literally a “must win” for the Sky, if they do not wish to allow the Atlanta Dream to go one up, them down.


Both of these ladies went above and beyond in last nights game! Jones having the game high of 22 points! The great thing about Jones playing so well, is that she did not need to. Many players will sit back and allow the “star” to do all the dirty work. So far Jones this season has not been as explosive as she normally has, but tonight was a great reminder to any and all doubters. Reminder that this Suns team can have a different All-Star any night!!

Tina Charles also set the bar high by coming in with just one less point than Jones. Charles had 21 of her own points, as well as 15, yes FIFTEEN, rebounds!! Meaning, she had another Double Double this season!! These two could be the “twin towers” of the East. The irony of the matter is, that nickname normally goes to Fowles and Snow for the Sky….who the Suns BEAT!


The key to the Sky’s success, is within these three girls above.

1.Prince distributes as well as scores

2. Fowles gets inside the paint

3. Snow gets inside the paint as well as knocks down the 15ft

It is really that simple folks. The Sky has clearly shown they know what it takes to win, because earlier in the season they were winning every game. In tonights game. three of those things did not happen. Prince was great offensively. She had the team high of 16 points, however she only had one assist. Prince is arguably the best point guard on the Chicago Sky. With that being said, she is the best passer. It is up to her to get the ball to the bigs for the easy shots. Easy shots, are something that did not come easy at all last night for Snow. Snow left the floor with only 6 points to help her team. 6 shots is GREAT, considering she only took two shots and shot a pair of free throws, making her perfect for the night. But the Sky will simply not win with her only putting up 2 buckets in 24 mins of game play. Now, Fowles had a good strong night. Nothing blowing up the page, but she did have a double double with 14 points and 12 rebounds. She can play every game like this and the Sky will still win, but that is only if her teammates are willing to help.


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