Dream Keep On Rolling, Beating the Sparks 89-80


19 22 15 24 80
16 29 14 30 89

And just when you thought you could scratch the Dream off of the list, they go on a 5 game winning streak. Being the defending Eastern Conference champions, it is not a surprise that that the Dream are finally getting everything sorted out. It also does not hurt them that Angel is filling better than ever, and also Lyttle is back in the country. Not much of a story to report, everyone needs to keep on eye on the Dream, point blank. If the Dream keep this up, they will be the #1 seed for sure.

Now yes, by the naked eye one will assume that the Sparks are crap with out the great Candace Parker, however that is not the case. Unlike most teams with a horrible losing streak, Sparks are not by any means getting blown out. In the last 5 losing games, the Sparks have only lost to their opponents by 10 points or less. Mainly when the Sparks lose control of a game is after halftime, or better yet, after the 3rd quarter. It is simple as to what the Sparks are lacking: A closer. Although i firmly believe Sparks have what it takes to turn this losing streak around in time for Playoffs, they have to believe it themselves as well. They will not have to ponder for much longer, because “ACE” will be returning with in the next few weeks!!

Having to fill in for one of the leagues finest is not a job anyone could ever wish for.It took Hoffman a few games to be in tune with herself as a starting Center for the Sparks,but it is clear she is starting to find her rhythm. She was the leading scorer for the Sparks, ending the game with 16 points. Add on just 2 rebounds and Hoffman would of had a Double Double! Hoffman is also not afraid to shoot the three ball, something many centers would think is absurd!

Ticha Penicheiro is obviously a veteran to the game, her Top 15 plate that she got this All-Star weekend is proof of that. So for this vet to be coming off of the bench is shocking to most. Although she might deserve to be a starter, Ticha is not complaining. Not at all. She has man’d up and is doing what she needs to do for her team to be more successful. It is even a fact that Ticha is playing more efficient now that she is coming into the game as the “6th man.” Still avg more mins than nearly anyone of her teammates. Ticha finished tonight’s game with the Game High of 11 assist!! Not to mention she also contributed to the scoring, with 10 of her own points. Yup, this guard had a Double Double of her own! Whether or not Coach Bryant puts her back in as a starter should not matter, if she continues to play this unselfish, the Sparks are sure to begin to win!

Two words: Angel McCoughtry. Angel was simply amazing in this game. Prob because she is still excited about that insane shot she made at the All-Star game!! Whatever it is, Angel needs to keep it up, because her Atlanta Dream currently have the biggest winning streak in the entire league right now. 5 that would be. Although nothing has changed, the Dream are still sitting in the 5th seed of the Eastern conference. Clearly the Dream had much trash to clean up before they could even think about making it into the playoffs, but now that time has come, and the Dream are hungry to finish the regular season out just like they did last season! If Angel continues to play like this, there is no doubt that they will! Angel finished this game leading in every single column. 22 points, 7 assist, 11 rebounds, and also leading with 2 steals. Ummm can you say All-Star..Again?


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