Fever burnout the Sun 69-58

Jessica Davenport has showed up for every game and in this game, it didn’t change. She created plays for herself and her teammates. She played a great game and lead her team to a victory by scoring and rebounding. She scored 10 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and stole 1 ball from the defense.

Shannon Bobbit had a great game for her team coming off the bench. She was an unexpected force that the Sun couldn’t rebound from. She was everywhere on the court and I’m sure the she frustrated the Sun. She scored 13 points which was just below the Game high. She also did her part by dishing 5 assists and grabbing 4 rebounds.

Tina Charles got another double double in this game. She was high on the bounds but low on the scoring end. In the end, that did affect their team and their loss. She scored 13 points  and grabbed 10 rebounds. Renee Montgomery was right there with her fighting for her spot to shine and the Win. She was on the floor with a purpose but she just couldn’t cash in. She scored 10 points and finished the game shooting 31% which is extremely low for her.


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