Stars shine too bright for Mercury!

Becky Hammon was the game MVP! Becky had a game high 33 points. She scored like crazy from everywhere on the court. Her range was from NBA 3s to little bunny shots in the paint. She went all out. If the Mercury could have stopped Becky, the game would’ve been theirs. She was automatic in this game. If she wasn’t doing the scoring, then she was passing to someone who scored. She was on fire and was the one that did the damage! She finished the game shooting 67% from the field, and 70% from long range. She dished 7 assists, grabbed 4 rebounds,  and stole 2 balls from the defense.

Danielle Robinson was a Rookie that didn’t play like a rookie. She played a like a veteran, not just because she scored well, but because she played well. She knew exactly what to do in every situation and she made the best of it. Danielle was from here to there almost as much as Becky. She didn’t score the points, she did the surveying of the field and making the big plays. Danielle Robinson scored 11 points, dished 8 assists, and rebounded 3 balls.

Candice Dupree racked up another double double in this game but it just wasn’t enough to propel the Mercury over the Stars. She ended the game scoring 17 points and grabbing 14 rebounds. Diana Taurasi did most of the scoring for the Mercury but didn’t contribute to anything. She ended the game with 5 fouls and 6 turnovers. She didn’t do too well int this game. Phoenix played a mediocre game and they lost because of that.


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