Fever barely beating Mystics 61-59

It seems like the Indiana Fever have been the top dogs since season tipped off on June 3rd. It is hard to believe that this team just now is slipping away from a 3 game losing streak, earlier in the month. The Fever currently have the second largest winning streak in the East (3) However do not be fooled by their success, these games are not at all “blow outs”, like the Western #1 seeded Lynx are putting on. No, these games that the Fever are playing are coming down to the last quarter, if not minute. Many can say that the Fever did not eve deserve to win, and so be it. If it was not for a little luck, coming from a 5’2 guard, then this game would of went into overtime.

As for the Mystics, this is a tough one. Playing just 24 hours ago versus the New York Liberty. Nearly having that game in their pocket until a late urge from Plenette Pierson giving the Liberty the 4 point win. No team likes to lose, but certainly not in the same fashion consecutively. Clearly the Mystics are showing that they have what it takes to play with the top guns. However, sadly, they only have enough power to last them through the 3rd quarter. But, do not go making any “Miami Heat Chokers” jokes yet, there is still plenty of time for the Mystics to turn their acts around and make it into the top 4 seed.

Bring in the All-Star!! Fever have been winning games because of their great teamwork!! However, once Catchings saw that the scorers were just not having a good night, she did not mind at all to take over. Catch gets the game ball in tonight’s game for the simple fact that she did every single thing in the world tonight. Leading in all of the top 3 columns!! 16 points, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 5 assist! Is there anything this woman can not do? Obviously, the answer to my question, is a big fat NOPE!!!!!

Shannon Bobbitt AKA lil bit BKA Trey. “Trey” for the fact that all this girl does is shoot threes all day! If Bobbitt has the ball you know for a fact that a three pointer will be coming..or at least that is what you thought this mini baller could do, that is until now. Bobbitt was in tonight’s game for a total of 10 minutes and 44 seconds. In all of that time, she did not do anything at all to help her team offensively. The only reason Bobbitt was put on the court with the last few seconds remaining, was for her to get a three pointer so no one will have to go into overtime. So, here is a player, 5’2, a born three point shooter, being guarded loosely as she drives in, because every Mystics player figured she would drive in and dish it out to a big to knock down the jumper. But, Bobbitt does something that even surprises her teammates. She takes that ball right to the hole! As if she were three times herself! And to make things better, she did it with .00 seconds left. The second the ball left her hands, the buzzer went off. Mystics players were left standing there with their jaw open, like Tina Thompson was when T-Spoon knocked down that 3 back in the day. There is nothing more to say about this play/er. Just know, even when you are having a rough game, never give up.

Crystal Langhorne Matee Ajavon

These two girls were the only players that decided they should actually make the ball go into the hoop tonight, sadly. Ajavon leading all scores in the entire game with 19 points, and Langhorne right behind her with 17 points of her own. It is clear that these two girls are just downright sick of losing games. Both of these players are sharing the leadership role for the Mystics. Ajavon also leading in assist with 4, while Langhorne coming in with 3.

DeMya Walker

The true story of the night goes to Demya Walker. Coming onto a new team, is never easy. Being cut from a team, where you thought you actually were an asset, is even worse. But Walker put all feelings aside and came to play tonight. True, she was just absolutely horrible offensively. Horrible because Walker is just so much better than that. 0-7 FG, not normal at all for Walker. However, kind of like Bobbitt, she did not allow this to deter her. Demya Walker ended the game with the most rebounds, on both sides (10), and also give two assist away. The moral to this story is, no matter how hard your trying and nothing seems to be worker; Just try harder!


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