Lynx have a field day with the Storm 92-67

There literally is no big story to tell about this game. Lynx are not playing with anyone, bottom line. Currently with the largest winning streak in the Western Conference(5.) 25 points was the lead at the end of the game. Now I, unlike many, did not believe for one second that Seattle would win back to back championships, however i did expect them to play better than this. LJ is just one person, she is not what holds this Seattle team together, clearly with her being out so much and Storm have been able to continue their wins. Whatever the Storms problem is, is not talent. Come on, Cash, Bird, Little, etc. Something just is not right with this team, but surely they will fix it before the Playoffs.

[Since every single player for the Lynx stepped up last night, i will just pick out the player who shined a tad bit more than usual]

Candice Wiggins has been struggling a bit after coming back from the surgery earlier this season, however with every game played her strength is coming back. Last night’s early lead allowed for Wiggins to get more playing time than usual. Taking advantage of every minute, she went into beast mode. Wiggins left the game as the leading scorer, with 16 points!! Also helping her team, she had 5 assist, 2 rebounds, 2 steals, and 1 block. Yes, you can definitely say that “ICE” had a great night!!

Lecoe Willingham

Although it seems like Swin Cash and Le’coe Willingham were the only ones that came to play; With Cash ending the game with 18 points and 4 rebounds, and Lecoe with 14 points and 3 rebounds, that is not the case. There was one other player that was trying to do everything they could to help their team win.

Ewelina Kobryn!!!!! Kob came into this country thinking she would be playing for the New York Liberty, then when she was cut during training camp, she was slightly insulted and felt her chances to play in the WNBA were running low. That is until the Seattle Storm saw her true potential. Kob came into this game the second off of the bench, but ended up staying in for the majority of the game. Leaving the court with 9 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 assist. That is just one away from a Double Double. If she keeps this positive energy up, I will not be surprised if Kob finds herself in as a starter, really soon!



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