Sparks finally get the win, defeating Sky 88-84

Finally, the Sparks seem to have found their strengths! This was a great win for them! Not just because they need to move up seeds in the conference, but mainly because it gives them hope. “team work makes the dream work” is my absolute favorite slogan to chant, because clearly it is true. There was not just one star for the Sparks in this game, the entire team contributed! Every player that got playing time, scored points. 5, yes five players on this team ended the game in double digits! That is incredible. Hopefully the Sparks can keep this up, and once Candace Parker returns, their winning streak will get a lot longer!

Now i would not say that this was an all around bad game for the Sky, nearly every player contributed. Even though the starters were not on their A game, many bench players stepped up to try to get this win. 3 players landed in double digits by the end of the game. With that said, you just can not stop a team that has more heart. The Sparks were hungry for this win, and it showed on court, who was willing to go the extra mile and hussle for every single play.

DMJ does not only have the coolest nickname in the WNBA, but she has one sweet jumper as well!! She had the most points in the entire game last night(19), also contributing 2 steals and 4 rebounds. This season has been a tough one for DMJ. Recently there was a poll about which player do the referees attack the most, and of course, she won. Every little thing she does, or does not do, whistle. It is quite annoying, even for non Sparks fans. But the beauty of this all, is DMJ’s perseverance! Not allowing the refs or other players to get inside of her head. She sticks to her style of game play, and if she fouls out, so be it. She will be fouling out with the most points, you can bet that!

[ Now although Epiphanny Prince had a sound off game; 16 points, 5 assist, 3 rebounds, and 5 steals; the game ball does not go to goes to her teammate: Erin Thorn ]

Erin Thorn

Can you remember the last time a bench player came out blazing like this woman did last night?? I sure do not recall a time ever! Thorn came out it seems to make a message. Now i am not sure if that message was just a simple “i want to win”, or if it was a message to Coach Pokey, saying “Make me a starter!” What ever it was, she needs to keep that bottled up inside and only allow it to squirt out during the games! 17 points ladies and gentleman! 17 points is what is what Thorn scored last night! 17 also being the most points on the entire Sky team. How did she get so many points? welp, when you make all but one of your 6 three pointers, you kind of get on a shooting roll! To go along with that 17 points, Thorn also passed up the J, and dished for 3 assist! Expect great things from this lady people, surely more are to come!



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