Storm thankful to get the easy win over Tulsa 89-72

Ah Tulsa, the game every struggling team loves to have come their way, for their own selfish intentions! Seattle is not by any means living up to their fans expectations. Coming from the ultimate prize, winning the championship, fans did not expect to see their beloved Storm barely at the 4th seed in the conference. One might wonder just what is happening to this team? True, the All-Star, and recently pronounced Top 15 player of all time, Lauren Jackson is injured. But surely Seattle is a better team than what they are showing, even with out LJ. Better team they are, however the West is a tough side to be on. Hopefully now they will start up the winning streak they are longing for.

New coach but same problem?? Not exactly. If you actually watch the game, which i doubt many people do, you will see that this Tulsa team is not the same as they were just 2 weeks ago. True, they are still losing, however not losing horribly like people expect. Tulsa has gone from losing by 30+, to sometimes even losing by just a few points…although clearly, this particular game was not the case, losing by 17.

It’s a bird, it’s a’s it’s…oh nope it really is a bird. SUE BIRDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aka Luck Shot!!

This game was needed for this All-Star. A spirit lifter to say the least. Coming from a surprising season low performance a few days ago against the Lynx, Sue Bird was ready to get her magic back. Staying in the entire game, surely enjoying the fun, Bird finished the game with the season high of 29 points. YES 29 folks!! So was she being a ball hogg? Nopeee. Bird also was the leading assister in the game as well! A total of 7 assist. Also 5 rebounds and 2 steals. Bird was doing everything and anything she wanted to do in last nights game. This nudge of confidence should go a long way. Maybe even enough to bring the Storm into the top seed?

Tiffany Jackson

Even though there was no big star in for Tulsa, Tiff Jackson has been doing everything in her power, the whole season, to get this team on the right track. Averaging 11 points and 8 rebounds this season, Jackson has been the most consistent player for Tulsa. Last night she left the floor with the team high 16 points, as well as 7 rebounds, 2 steals, and 3 blocks. Jackson also is what bball fans call a “coaches pet.” Getting that name because she also helps the team with stuff that does not show up on the stat sheet. A natural born leader….Now if another teammate would step up as well, then just maybe the Shock might begin winning a few games.


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