Minnesota gets late win over San Antonio 70-69

Lindsey Whalen put up a game high 23 points in this game. She was the leader ofthe team in this game and she sealed the late win with 1.5 seconds left. She was pretty quiet in the final quarter but she was in it when she put the nail in the coffin for the Stars. She was automatic in this game shooting 53%. That seems low, but if she missed the shot, she was fouled and mad up the points on the foul line. She also helped her team out by dishing 6 assists, but that’s not all she did. Whalen also grabbed 7 rebounds and stole 3 balls. She had a great game and great buzzer beater.

Seimone Augustus was part of the 4th quarter surge that brought Minnesota closer to its’ win. She scored 6 of the last minute shots. She had a good game racking up 16 points and shooting 37%. In the last quarter, she had a great 6 points that bought the Lynx into the last stretch. She not only scored 16 points, but she dished 4 assists, grabbed 1 rebound, and stole 2 balls.

Jia Perkins stepped up in this game to be the teams leading scorer. She put up 18 points in this game. Her first shot of the game was a 3. Perkins did a great job throughout the entire game scoring at all times and doing what she does best. She is that player that doesn’t all show up but when she does, she makes it count. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it count in this game.

Becky Hammon couldn’t keep her caliber of play up as she did in her previous game but she still showed up. No one has scored 33 points in each game and you can’t ask Becky to do it. Her presence was still apparent in this game and she still helped her team tremendously. She scored 15 points herself but she helped her other teammates score 12 points by dishing 12 assists. She also finished the game grabbing 2 rebounds and grabbing 1 assist.


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