Fever embarrasses the Sparks 98-63

There honestly is not much to say here folks. Fever came to win, but in return they ended up having the time of their lives; Sparks did not wish to play, and in return they got just utterly spanked. What is the problem here? Could it have been the fact that the Sparks jut played a game less than 24 hours ago, beating the Sky by a few points? Are the Sparks just mentally drained with all of the negativity that has been coming in their direction? Do the Sparks feel that with out Candace Parker they are worthless? Parker is due to come back with in the next 12 days, but even with her much needed return, i do not see the Sparks being much better than what they are portraying right now. One person does not make a team. Sure you can have a star. But what were to happen if Candace got in foul trouble? Or heaven forbid another injury. No, Sparks are not lacking talent, they are lacking faith. Until they realize that, they will continue to look like their western friends, Tulsa.

Every single player on the Fever roster scored in this game! No one was trying to outshine anyone, they played as a team. When teams play as a team with a blow out this high, that is even scarier than if one player has 30 points. Team work will make the dream work! Since everyone stepped up, it is hard picking one player. But with that being said, I have to give the game ball to:

Catchings has always, and will forever be, the star for this team. We have seen her brake ankles, spray a defender with her 3 ball, and also lead this team with nothing but positive energy. In last nights game, Catching only scored 4 points….shocking right? Welp, it is kind of hard to score your own buckets, when you are giving everyone else their shots. Catchings had the most assist in the entire game (6.) But not only did Catch play unselfishly, but she also played aggressive, which is not rare at all. Catch left the court with the most rebounds in the game as well! Just goes to show you, just because there is a spotlight on, does not mean it has to be on you.

Ebony Hoffman

Despite this failure hill that the Sparks seem to be stuck on, the main player that has stepped up on this team, is the Parker replacement, Ebony Hoffman. Taking on so much new found responsibility, Hoffman found it hard to find her rhythm. However it seems she is near to finding it. Becoming stronger with every game, her improvement can be easily seen. Last night Hoffman left the court with the team high 0f 13 points, as well as 6 rebounds, and 2 assist. Hopefully she will continue to improve, as well as her teammates.


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