Lynx show Mercury who is boss 90-73

BE AWARE: Looks can be VERY deceiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now no, i am not illiterate, I can clearly see that the Lynx put a hurting on the Mercury, however this was not a typical blow out folks, so please watch the replay on Live Access. The uniqueness of this enormous deficit, is that no sour play happened until the fourth quarter. Remind you of a NBA team, that wore red and black? Hah, okay all jokes aside, during the fourth quarter the Mercury were M.I.A. …No pun intended. Mercury were not sure what to do, and the Lynx were ready to play some real ball. Bottom line!

It’s not so much that the Mercury sucked played bad, that’s not it at all. Come on, having 5 players in double digits is not really an off night. The only off thing about tonight’s game, was the number of players sitting on the bench.

Kara Braxton

Kara Braxton: Now the funny thing is, most people that realize this woman’s impact on the game, are not even Mercury fans. The majority of Merc fans are too consumed into Diana Taurasi or Candice Dupree, to even notice other players that are dire to the team. Non Mercury fans notice Braxton, because when their teams lose, it is because of HER, not DT or Dupree. Braxton is strictly inside the paint. Currently this season she is avg 11 points, 5 rebounds, and 1 assist. However I am not just thinking of the stat sheet. Her presence alone changes the way that the other team plays. Sad part is, the Mercury were playing one of the best teams this season, that live for inside the paint. So, Lynx took advantage of Braxton’s absence BIG TIME!!

Despite this large lead, the Lynx only had 4 players in double digits, however two of those double digit scorers were passed the 20 point mark.

Maya Moore teamed up with Seimone Augustus tonight and basically tried to see who could out score each other. Maya with team and game high of 22 points, Seimone with 21. Both players with 2 assist a piece. Seimone leading the way with 4 rebounds over Maya’s 3. However the rookie did beat the vet in steals! Maya ending the game with the team and game high of 4 steals! Also earlier this week, Maya was named Rookie of the Month! With all of these talented veterans AND rookies, this 7 game winning streak looks like it’s not stopping anytime soon.


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