Spark fans crushed by the Suns late come back 79-70


CON 14|21|21|23
LAS 18|22|16|14
           Spark fans were crushed tonight, easily more crushed then when they get blown out. This game did nothing but pull at the fans, and players. hearts only to give them false hope. For the first time in awhile, the Sparks actually played a good game…..that is, until the 4th quarter came. What happened? No one knows for sure. It could be the fact the Suns were just not about to lose to the lower seeded team, or the fact that the Sparks just got to comfortable on the court since they have not been leading in a game in awhile. What ever the case may be, there were two things proven tonight.

1)The Suns are not going down with out a fight. And also never count the Suns out.

2)The Sparks have shown that they are, like I have been chanting, still a good team….but they are in dire need of leadership.

Just call her The Closer!! Tina Charles might of had a difficult time getting around L.A.’s length and height in the beginning of the game, however once the real game , fourth quarter, began it was go time!! Back to back to back to back buckets for this ex-Uconn star! The Sparks simply did not know how to respond to Charles’ ability to get into the lane. She left the game with the game high of 20 points, as well as 13 rebounds. Yup yup, that is a double double folks, yet again! If TT keeps this up, she will out do herself for most double double in one season by any player!! Renee Montgomery also had a fine night, banking in 4-6 three pointers. She left the game with 16 points and the game high of 6 assist.


Tina Thompson aka TT. Now all around the world for her accolades!! Receiving all of her love and fame in her previous years with the Comets, now with the struggling Sparks. Many people say she should retire, clearly she is not listening. It has not been the easiest season for TT. After having not started earlier this season, for just the second time in her entire career, Tina did not take well to that. Finding it hard to be a leader for this young team as well. However TT did everything she could to help the Sparks get the win tonight. Coming in with just one point less than the leading scorer with 13 points, as well as the team high of 8 rebounds and 3 assist. TT might not be as clutch as she use to, but she definitely is clutch when she needs to be!


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