Lynx Get Tested but able to prevail


Going to break this close game down, needs a little digging into

  1. Do not think this was a great game that went straight down to the wire, because this honestly was a poor game.

Have a look at the scoreboard

SAN 15|8|17|20|60
MIN 10|7|26|19|62
Yes, this shows fans that these two teams are actually human! No the Lynx are not some mythical God sent team, despite their 8-0 winning streak, they still are not perfect. Two major factors that have been shown recently:
  1. The Lynx have been blazing this entire season!! Blow out after blow out, embarrassing every lower seeded team when they get the chance to do so! Using every player, but keeping in the starters nearly until the end of the game. That move right there, just might hurt them in the long run. Signs of slowing down are clearly already occurring for the Lynx. Whenever the Lynx are faced with a tough team, they always seem to play a little chaotic. Rushing shots that they normally make with ease. Despite the bad play in today’s game, one thing the Lynx continue to prove to the world; They know how to WIN a game! All it takes is one point people, or in this case two.  With so many All-Star players on this team, no one on the defending team can guess where the last minute shot will come from. So until then, the Lynx will continue to lose close games.
  2. Oh the Silver Stars, the team that has shocked and surprised us all this season. The same team that remained undefeated long after every other team fell. Also the same team that has the Rookie of the Year( contender) Danielle Adams. Gee, speaking of which, Adams has a sprained foot, so she has missed the last four games. Of those four games, the Silver Stars have only won 1 game, however lost by single digits in 3-4 of those games. So you have to look at it like this, Lynx can not at all think they are comfortable, with any team for that matter, but definitely not S.A. in the last two meetings, both games were decided by the last seconds, Lynx winning both. Here is the beauty that the Silver Stars should see, the bigger picture rather. They have been able to run with the best team in the league, based on standings, with out one of their best shooters on the team. Can you imagine what damage Adams would bring into this match up? One thing is for sure, if the Lynx bring the same game they did tonight, one can easily assume that the Silver Stars will have Adams to be the last minute game changer.
T-Mac!!!!!! Might not be as clutch as she use to be HOWEVER, she will hit the shot when she needs to! I.e. the game winning shot to win tonight’s game!! Taj left the court with the team high of 18 points, as well as 7 rebounds and 2 assist! Taj got 6 of her 7 rebounds defensively. Taj also was playing clean up lady with a lot of put backs! Nice solid game from Taj! If she keeps it up, just another Lynx you have to look out for!!
Someone came to BALL OUT !!!! Sophia Young!!!!! Not wanting this game to end like two days ago, Young did everything possible to secure the win for S.A., it just sadly was not enough. Young lead her team in points (18) as well as the game high rebounds(13)!! Yup Yup that is a double double folks!! Young used her body to the best of her abilities tonight as well. Taking hard blows to the body, making her get to the line 9 times, making 6-9!

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