All It Takes Is 1 point!

A one point game will always mean two things, and two things only.

  1. The winning team feels like it was a good hard fought win.
  2. The losing team will feel lower than dirt.




CON  21|20|28|15|12|96
PHO  26|20|18|20|11|95
   See anything odd about this box score?? Maybe that’s because this game had 5 quarters instead of 4! That’s right people, Over Time!!!!!!! This game was actually not as close as it seems. Both teams clearly came to play, however the Mercury came out with the big lead in the beginning of the game, then the Suns were able to cut that lead to just 5 at the end of the 1st quarter. Surprisingly both teams shot the exact same in the second quarter. Then came the 3rd quarter, the Suns were sick of the games, and decided to go on a little run of their own, ending that quarter up by 10 points!
4th quarter: Is when things got real! It seamed as if both teams were on a . Neither team could get a stop, just non-stop shooting from both sides! And just when the Mercury thought it was game over.
*Enter Dewanna Bonner*
Now I am not sure who raised Bonner or first got her playing basketball, but clearly, that person failed to tell her that Forwards do Not shoot threes!!!!! Nevertheless, it sure is good that she was never taught that! Bonner hit 4, yes FOUR three pointers tonight folks! Can you say H-O-T???? Not only that, but as you surely have heard by now… BONNER HIT THE GAME TYING SHOT!!! No ordinary shot was it, but it was a STEAL and the bucket!!!!!!!! Bonner, as I continue to say every game, is seriously(in my opinion) the absolute MOST underrated player in the WNBA today!!!!!!!! Overcoming the obvious challenges she has regarding her size and weight, and yet she is still one of the best G/F in the game! Why else do you think she continues to get the “6th Man” Award every year? Bonner left the court with 24 points, as well as 11 rebounds and 3 steals! That is a double double folks! Despite the loss, this was still a very great game from this young lady!!
[ Diana Taurasi also had a great game! With the game high of 29 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assist!! ]
 Ahhhhhh Tina Tina Tina. I honestly am getting sick of sounding like a broken record! I have run out of things to say about this phenomenal player!! She is just the BEST at what she does! There is no such thing as the CT Suns, if Tina’s face is not right up in the front. Can you think of a bigger inside threat??..Besides Candace Parker? I sure can not! If Tina would of sat down for just 10 seconds, the game would of gone to the Mercury! And that is a fact! You can’t press her because she will blow pass you and get the foul, and you can not give her space because she will shoot her pretty little 15fter Right in your face! Sooooo disrespectful lol! This is trully history in the making folks! Smh, not a good thing if you are not a Sun fan. It is nearly to the point that when she squares up, I 100% know that it is going in. JUST like i knew the game winning shot was going in tonight, and i screamed inside of my head haha! This girl honestly….She can not be stopped! TT left the court today with 23 points, 17 rebounds, YES SEVENTEEN…WHO DOES THAT????????? 4 Assist, and 2 blocks!! WOW GREAT game!!!!

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