Mercury Finally Get The Dub!!

First watch the highlights again people!! ]

First, let me ask this question. Would you rather get blown out of a game, or lose by just 5 points or less? Now sure the fan that has not played actual basketball in a while, will simply say, “Well at least we put up a good fight!!”


-_- That is crap. There is no worse feeling in the world to be that close to being on top of the world, and then in just  a few short seconds, you are the Loser!!!!! 

Mercury know this feeling all too well for their liking. Even though the records show that the Mercury have only had 2 super tight games this season, that is not true at all. [ Which is exactly why i always shave 5 points from every final score, because the winning team will always go to the line at least once in the last 30 seconds. ]

MIN  21|27|16|16|80
PHO  26|22|14|23|85
   One thing I continue to say.
  1.         Mercury win games win they win the first out of four halves…. [ 1st quarter ]
         Now let me explain what I mean when I talk about the Lynx, in no way am I trying to say the Lynx will never win another game, because that is not the case at all. When you think about the Lynx this season alone, you instantly think blow out after blow out after blow out. And until recently, that was exactly the case for the “Los Lynx” . In the last 4 out of 5 games, the Lynx have won by no more than 6 points. Two of those 4 games the Lynx won by just 2 and 1. Is it so much that the Lynx have simply run out of luck? I don’t think so. The Lynx are very much still one of the best teams in the WNBA right now. However, what I have noticed, is that the rest of the league has gained a sixth sense. Coaches have been going to school, seriously watching the Lynx and figuring out their game play. That is what a coach does, and sadly for the Lynx, they won’t be able to get another blow out game winning streak going, for I am sure a very long time.

This lady went to work last night yall!!  26 points, 2 assist, and 6 rebounds! Very sound off game for DT!! However what i noticed during this game was not on the stat sheet, it was on the place that matters, the actual court! Being this game was very close the whole way, whenever the whistle blew both teams tensed up, praying the call was not on them. Mercury did a great job at getting to the line, considering they went 16 more times than the visiting Lynx. DT herself shooting the game high free throws, 8-9. The only time the whistle blew and it was on the Mercury, it seemed they were all in the 4th quarter..the worst time possible. With every call all of the Mercury players just continue to get more and more angry. There DT was, cheering on her mates, telling them “Don’t worry” “We got this.” That calmness had an affect on the Mercury, because with just 14 seconds left, Bonner got the steal YET AGAIN, making sure the Mercury would get the win!!

Bonner also ended this game with 11 points and 4 rebounds!!

Maya Moore 

Can you say tag team???? These two ladies were doing absolutely everything in their power to ensure that the 9 game winning streak turned into 10. Let’s start with the fresh meat first. When is the last time a player, that shot more than  like 2 or 3, shot PERFECT behind the arc? Moore was 6-6………as in she made SIX three pointers tonight! Not to mention a nice half court shot that did count with .0/ seconds left in the game!! Maya had a great game last night, leading both sides of the court with 28 points, F-I-V-E steals, and 5 rebounds! 5 steals on the veteran Phx team???? And this is a Rookie? Nahhh can’t be! Maya def has what it takes to be the future star of the Lynx, but for now she can only do what she always does…anything possible to get her team the win. The actual leader and star of this team, is none other than the most level headed player in the game: Seimone Augustus. Relaxed and confident is what Aug’s game consists of. Oh and also a little something i like to call just pure talent!! 3-4 from behind the arc last night, perfect from the free throw line. Aug ended the game as the second highest scorer, with 26 points, as well as 3 assist and 4 rebounds. Aug is mainly passing the ball more, feeding to players such as Maya Moore to get them their shine, but trust and believe when this player needs to shoot, she will NOT come up short! C-L-U-T-C-H   S-H-O-T ..honestly all i have to say about her. To get a phenomenal player like Aug, but yet unselfish and such a motivator..truly a blessing for the Lynx!



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