Silver Stars Back At It!!



SAN 25|15|17|15|72
CON  12|12|14|21|59
   Who Would of Thought? That the San Antonio Silver Stars, who have been struggling for a short while in their past 4-5 games, losing by many of those game by just a few points, if not one. As everyone knows, the Silver Stars are with out their star rookie, who is arguably the actual Rookie of the Year. So with that being said, it is clear that the Stars are still a threat. If they have been able to lose by just a few points, while going at it with some of the best teams in the league, with out their star rookie = The Silver Stars are still a threat!!One of their strongest keys to the game, is their bench. Many have said that their bench is better than their starters. Do you agree? [ Adams and Robinson are bench players by the way ]

Nothing really to report on the Suns, this kind of night happens to every good and bad team. It just was not their night. True, three players got into double digits. However when none of those players are Tina Charles, it honestly does not matter.  But, do not think the Suns are about to start struggling, highly doubt it. Whoever plays the Suns next, better be ready for a battle!

Beckyyyyyy. Natural born leader is what she is! See’s her team is down, so she takes over!! Hammon ended the game with not only the team high, but the game high as well of 18 points!! As well as the game high of steals, with 3, and 5 assist. Unselfish player to say the least!! Becky not only plays a leader, but the motherly figure as well. Taking rookies, such as Adams and Robinson, under her wing. Adams sharing so much with Becky for obvious reasons, and Robinson shaping up to be one heck of a passer!! Good things are coming for this young/older team, and Becky will be the one leading the charge!


 Asjha Jones
*Enter Asjha Jones* 
“She’s not what she used to be” -_- The most annoying the hate to hear a fan say about a slightly older player.
Let me ask you this, if you use to be the best and only thing smoking on a team, so you were forced to take all of the shots, but yet one day a whole bunch of people come along and help you win game; Would you still be taking extra shots?
Answer: HECK NO!! Jones is currently on one of the most stacked teams in the WNBA. Why would she take her own shot when she could pass it to one of the younger players who are going to get it done just the same or better? Younger players might have more energy, but something Jones does have that these kids don’t = patience. It was Jones’ maturity that allowed her to walk away with the game high of 16 points, as well as 10 rebounds and 3 assist. Yes, that is a double double people! She is showing these kids, you have to remain positive. Jones did everything she could, but with nearly no help, it just was not enough.

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