Mystics let another one slip away

Never a good thing to be deemed as the team that can simply just not “close out.” But sadly and surely, the Washington Mystics are in fact that very team that always allows the game to slip away. What is truly the problem here? Is it the fact that the Mystics get too comfortable with their lead? But surely common sense would tell them that is the reason why they continue to lose. So my opinion is that the Mystics simply do not have enough star power. Here is an example: During the NBA season last year, one of the dumbest trades in history took place, or so many said. Carmelo Anthony for nearly every good NY Knick player. It was clear that the Nuggets were not at all affected by the leaving of Melo, since their record improved. However the one thing that kept them from going to the next round in the Playoffs, was the simple fact that they did not have a “go to” guy. That one player that everyone can count on to hit that buzzer beater. The Mystics have many good players, but who will be that one to step up…before it is too late?


WAS  29|14|16|16|75
CON  26|18|17|21|82
Has there ever been a better duo in the WNBA? Sure you can say Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird, or Cappie Pondexter and Diana Taurasi; But has there ever been a better friendship portrayed in the league? — Renee Montgomery and Tina Charles. All-Stars, Champions, MVPs. These two seem to share nearly every accomplishment together. In fact, one could even say that them to together are like lock and key. Rarely will you have one do well, and the other fail. Their on court awareness is absolutely perfect, it’s almost as if Tina knows exactly where Renee will be before Renee even knows herself. Geno is famous for saying “This team has it.” although he could never explain it, it is clear to the world what these players have. Sisterhood. And that very sisterhood is going to take the Suns farther they have ever been this season.
Both Charles and Montgomery matching each other with 16 points exactly. However Tina pulls away all of the other stats, ending the game with 2 assist and 7 rebounds!
Crystal Langhorne
 Although it seems like the Mystics can just not close out, Crystal Langhorne is one of the few players in red trying to actually close in. Crystal has proven to the world that she is a true baller, one of the reasons as to why she was picked to be on the All-Star team to represent the East. Her cross overs and quick release jumpers are what separates her from the rest of her team. Langhorne had the team high of 16 points, as well as 7 rebounds and 2 assist/ 2 steals. Once someone decides to join her in this domination on the court, I am sure the Mystics will fix up their losing record.

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