Sparks Are BACK!!!!!!!!

Highlights [ ]


HO  26|18|18|18|10|90
LAS  17|24|19|20|13|93

As you guys know, I never lost faith in the Sparks.  The Sparks seriously, in my opinion, are the most stacked team in the league. Even when they did have the great Candace Parker in the line up, majority of the games the Sparks won was because of great bench play!! So much has gone on in just one month for the Sparks. New coach, barely any home games. But most importantly, new players getting thrown into the spotlight. Of course, granted, the Sparks went a little hectic. Playing their worst bball in years. Loss after loss, turned into blow out after blow out. Many people have crossed the Sparks off the list all together, however the Sparks still have faith, and faith is all you need. Faith in fact is the only thing that separates the Sparks from every other losing team. As well as determination.

It is no secret that the Sparks are not the best road team in the world, sad part is, because Staples is their home, majority of the Sparks games are on the road. With that being said, whenever the Sparks do have a home game, they like to go full course innnnnn!! And tonight was their perfect opp to get a BIG win over the higher seeded Mercury! Great game not only for the Sparks fans, such as myself, but for the doubters as well. No one can say anything negative about this game. No one can sit and say, “Oh Mercury just had a bad night.” Ummmm 90 points is not a bad night at all. But 93 for the Sparks? EPIC!!!!!!!! This game just comes down to one thing:

The Sparks have HEART. Now not at all am I saying the Mercury did not have heart. But when you have so many odds against you, and you finally start to believe you see the light at the end of the never ending tunnel, best believe you will run like your life depends on it!

Jantel Lavender

Rookie or Veteran? Who the heck can tell???? Ummm this newbie, the youngest on the team, took this team by the thorns last night and screamed “It’s GO time!!!” This rookie set career highs in this game! She may not get to start, but she sure does get to stay in the game the longest. Good thing she has those fresh young legs! J.Lav had the team high of 25 points, as well as 2 assist and 10 rebounds. YES FOLKS!! 10 rebounds making this performance a double double!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many people always say “This girl is the future of the Sparks.” Well I sure am starting to believe it. Imagine having Lav play like this but then also having Parker healthy as well? Ooooo Weeeee that is HOT!!!!!

Diana Taurasi Penny Taylor

“We have the get stops, press hard, cut down on the turnover…..well kndn is going to get theirs so we can’t stop them”

The absolute most typical thing every and any coach will say when being interviewed. Every team is going to have a star player, that that no matter what, is going to have a down right great game. Good thing for Mercury, bad for other fans, this team has two players that can be talked about in such high regards, The dynamic duo, Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor. Their stats every single game are nearly identical towards each other. Tonight the greats pulled together the team high points. DT with 21 points, as well as 6 assist and 4 rebounds. And Penny with the game high of 29 points, as well as 4 assist and 6 rebounds. This tag team is one of the best! Once a third party joins them, they will clearly be unstoppable


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