Sky Done Playing Games


For awhile, in the beginning of the season, no team could stop the Sky. Being the #2 seeded team for quite awhile. However, unlike every other teams losing streak, the Sky’s came unexpectedly. Never did they flat out lose numerous games, however it was more like a seesaw affect. Win two games, lose two or three games. The only teams that the Sky have been able to place in their pocket, are the Eastern teams. Beating all of the top seeded teams, including the Suns(twice.) So clearly the Sky have everything they need in order to beat the best of the best, but why are they not winning more games? Anyone can have their own opinions about the success of a team, but one thing I am noticing to be a fact; The Chicago Sky turnovers will be the death of them. Even in this victory, the Sky turned the ball over 8 more times than the Silver Stars. They were lucky this game, however this kind of activity can not go on, especially once the Playoffs begin…if they make it.

CHI  20|27|19|19|85
SAN  12|17|17|27|73
Sylvia Fowles
17 could mean a lot of things…Could mean the number of turnovers a team had…Or could stand for someones jersey number..Or it could even mean how many rebounds an entire team together had….Would you believe me if I said that Sylvia Fowles had seventeen rebounds in this game alone?? Welp, that is in fact the very case. Kind of funny since the entire S.A. roster could only accumulate 20 rebounds by themselves. Fowles was clearly the MVP of this game! It was as if something went off in her head and had her seeing red! 28 points and 17 rebounds????……………that h0nestly speaks for it’s self!!
 Jia Perkins Now Jia Perkins might be a tad bit surprising to see as the game player…for some. But those who have watched this woman blossom are fully aware that she still has some tricks up her sleeve to pull anytime she wants out on these young guns. What makes a player great, is not just their attitude on the court. But it has everything to do with what happens off of the cour. Perkins being one of the many “motherly figures” on this team, which is home to quite a few youngins. Knowing her place, she shows exactly how you are suppose to get it down while being a bench player. Perkins left the court last night with 18 points, as well as 2 steals, 2 assist, and 3 rebounds.

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