Surprising but not shocking blow out for the Sun


Arguably the best team in the league this season; The Minnesota Lynx have been tearing all of their opponents to pieces! Blowout after blowout after blowout. After watching the Lynx terrorize other top seeded teams, I can imagine that Lynx players, and fans, found themselves sitting pretty cocky. And should they not? Of course they should! Lord know Lynx true fans have not seen a season this glorified for nearly…well…ever. However, enjoy if you will, but never get to comfortable. As stated in previous articles, the Lynx runs are starting to wear out. No, I am not saying they are about to lose all of their games! However, I am simply stating that a blow out over a top seeded team might not come anytime soon for the Lynx. Look at the last 4 out of 8 losses, all of those have been won by the Lynx by just 5 points or less. So what exactly is happening here? Quite simple actually: Other teams are learning their weakness. Which has always been the one and only thing teams ever try to do to each other in the first place.

MIN  14|28|20|17|79
CON  29|28|23|28|108
“Pass her the ball!” “Get her the ball!” “Outlet!” Huhhh soooo many things a guard has to hear in practice, in tryouts, during the game, in LIFE!! The number one reason why most guards today do not learn that they have a shot too! Yes, a pg’s true purpose for being in the line up, is to find looks for the big man. But what is a team without a guard? What is a house with out a kitchen! Guards are the heart and soul of any team! And thankfully, Lindsay Whalen stayed true to her natural talent, although she does not use it quite as much. Whalen was H-O-T HOT last night!! In fact she was the only player on the Lynx roster that scored double digits!! (yes I am ignoring the 11 points Brunson and Aug had) Whalen left the court with not only her heart on the floor, but also a nice 20 points, as well as 2 assist and 3 rebounds!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Now yes, yes, yes, yes!! I fully understand that Tina Charles had 18 rebounds, making her have a double double, as well as Renee Montgomery having 17 points and 7 assist. However, the fact that Lawson had a field day as well, intrigues me! Veteran, coming off of the bench, after youngins. No one I can think of, besides Ticha Penicheiro, handles this situation better than Lawson! It also helps that she still gets more PT than some of the starters. Leadership and Discipline is what conforms this woman. And the 16 points with 4 assist, sure does prove this! So again I will say, what truly makes the Sun such a hard team to beat= The fact that they have more than just 2 All-Stars!!

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