ACE is back!!!!


[ Lets be clear: Yes I am very aware that the Dream won the actual game, however i simply do not care. Why..ummmm maybe because.. CANDACE PARKER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!]

It is always sad to see a player go down, but lets be honest, it is sadder to see a GREAT player go down. Going down is something that Parker knows all to well. Everyone knows her story, rookie year BEAST, and then the pregnancy and surgery after surgery, nothing seemed/s to be going right! So when ACE finally makes it back to the game: Having seriously one of the best, if not the best season. Hitting freaking THREE POINTERS!! And then sadly, everything comes crashing down..literally speaking. Locking legs with the NYL Hollingsworth….. *teat* BUT ACE is a trooper, and she, as always prevails!!!!!!

How many players do you know that can come out ballin after just being on leave for nearly 2 months??…………….Exactly!!!! Candace Parker played a whole 26 mins last night, after coming off of the bench! Not playing is one thing, but it is what you do with the minutes that counts:

15 points….10 rebounds…..3 assist…. making that a double double. Now if ACE can do this now, than ACE can do two times as this in the future. Of course the future being on every single fan, player, and coaches mind. Can the Sparks still make it into the Playoffs? Welp, I do not see why not! Only down by 3 games from the also struggling Seattle Storm. And there are 9 games left the season. Clearly the Sparks will not go on a run, well they could, of 9-0 and take 1st place or something. This is a battle between 4th place! And honestly by the way that standings are looking, if the Sparks seriously get it together, and other teams get loose, the Sparks might even be able to 3rd seed.



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