A Spark his been lit!!


Sparks are typicaly labeled as one of the best teams in the leauge, simply by nature. However, as everyone knows, the Sparks have not been having their usual luck this season. From injuries to coaching changes, the Sparks 2011 WNBA journey has seen its share of challanges. But do not think of this as such a bad thing, because you know what they say, “struggles only make bigger triumphs.” In other words, the Sparks fight for the Playoffs, if they make it, will be one heck of a story to tell!
             After losing a very close game against the Atlanta Dream, not even 24 hours ago, one would think that the Sparks would of blew it going against one of the best, if not the best, teams in the leauge (Fever) However, being that the Sparks for the first time..honestly ever, had become a complete laughing stock to other teams, and some fans, they had more energy to come into last nights game with only one thing in mind…Winning! Bitter sweet though, the Fever made them work for every single point.
IND  21|9|24|16|70
LAS  16|15|24|20|75
Candace Parker
Now as much as I would love to sit here and talk about how proud I am of Candace Parker for coming back into the season and player better and longer than the avg player who was just injured does…… I simply can not, sadly, it would not be right. Although ACE was h-o-t last night, ending the game with 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assist; She does not get rewarded with the actual game ball. Who does? Would you believe me if I said Ebony Hoffman?
Ebony Hoffman
YES EB herself! Fever fans, and players, are not at all surprised by Hoffman’s performance last night. Every player is more capable of contributing more to their team..when they need to; However with so many different players for the Sparks that have the abilty to jack up shots from any spot on the court, it is rather unnessasary for Hoffman to use her talents 100%. So with that being said, she normally gets the job done inside of the paint.
Question: Who knows the opposing teams methods better than a team that use to play for them themselves? EXACTLY!! EB seemed to every single thing the Fever were trying to do, every play! She used this to her advatage, and ending the game with the very nice looking box score; Leaving the court with the game high of 21 points, as well as 2 assist and 7 rebounds
Erin Phillips

Although two other players on the Fever team played with all of their energy, I still have to give the game ball to Erin Phillips. Mainly for the fact that she deserves it every night, but is always out shined by her fellow All-Star teammates. Phillips might be thought of as strictly a three point shooter, welp, I am here to tell you that you are wrong for thinking that! 2 steals is what she earned last night, making that the team high. If you follow her, you will see that being the top stealer is not uncommon to her at all. And of course, every player that steals has to be great on defense! Not only can Phillips steal the ball out of nearly anyone’s hand, but she can also cause anyone to commit a turnover. All of what I am speaking of has to do with defense, but last night she reminded the world she is also offensive! Leaving the court with the team high of 16 points, 5 assist, and 5 rebounds.


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