It’s Never Over Until The Goal Turns Red



First re-watch [ ]

This is what I posted on Facebook, and many fans agreed.

Fact: A player has to have touched the ball, and only the ball, in order for there to be a CLEAN block…
Fact: A referee should not blow his/her whistle unless he is sure he saw a foul..In order to do that, that ref must also be in the right position to make the call………. Who Agrees?

Let me say this: Ajavon did  in fact foul Prince. [Textbook foul, but nonetheless, a foul. ]

Let me also say this: The referee that blew the whistle, had a very bad look at the play.

So what do you do when this happens?

And to the monitor they went. After much deliberation, the call was not reversed…. OMG that is so surprising!! -_- Come on yall, get serious. When has a referee ever admitted his or her mistakes? But hey, you know what they say. “This one you can’t get back, so swallow your pride and move forward”

Even though Prince won the game, Fowles was the player with the cape and red underwear! The entire game, it was almost as if she was out there by her self. As soon as the tip-off, Fowles meant business! And that is exactly why she had not just the team but also the game high of 25 points. A long with that double digit figure, was another double digits, 11 rebounds! Making her get the double double, and have the most rebounds and points of the game! Fowles might have been the Sky player that had energy from the first quarter, but with words of encouragement, her team soon followed suit!

Tamera Young

Especially, T.Young!! Having a very sound off game! 11 points, 1 block, 4 assist, 7 rebounds (and get this) seven steals!!!!!! Great game for Ms.Young indeed!!

Matee Ajavon

Although Ajavon might be regretting her energy/excitement level in the last few seconds of the game; She should not at all be ashamed of what she did on the court last night! She is one of the leaders in this team, and she sure did prove it last night! Getting to the line has become a specialty for this player! Ajavon went to the line 12 whole times, making 8 of them. Getting to the line pays off, since that made her become the team leading scorer with 23 points. Also added to her stat sheet, was 4 assist and 2 rebounds! Very good offensive game for Ajavon, surely more are to come… Must in fact..the Mystics might not be making it to the playoffs, but at least they are going down with a good fight!


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