Lynx have finally made it!

Of course, everyone knows how the majority of the members in this movement feel about the Lynx. That they were always this good, and it should not have taken the excitement of a well known rookie in order to being them success..


With that being said however:

Big congrats to the Lynx for finally making it into the Playoffs! They have been playing extremely well this season, and their fans have been dying to feel victory! Now that they have made it, they can sit back and relax, and watch the other teams fight for their lives….

To fight, something the Lynx do not know much about, however when they do have a close game, although a little kaotic, some  player in blue and green gets the ball in the hoop. Post season, as you all should know, is much different than the regular season. I personally am very excited to watch the Lynx during the playoffs. Why? Because I know their style of play will be forced to change. Am I saying that they will become an epic fail? Not at all! But I def can tell you, the Lynx will not be “straight coasting.”


Honestly, I can not single one player to give the game ball to. Every single player, except one, scored for the Lynx. Not just scoring, but also everyone played some pretty good defense as well! 3 players in double digits, and 2 players with 9 points. This was not a WNBA game, this was merely a field day! I suppose I can crown Aug with the game ball:

Leading her team with 17 points, 4 assit, and 3 rebounds!!!!


The odd thing about this game, the Sparks lost by 19 points…… they shot 56 FG and Lynx shot 76…. Sparks only had 6 more turnovers than the Lynx, and the Lynx did not steal much……soooo where the heck are the Sparks points???? Welp, it does not help the Sparks that the Lynx found their way pretty easy to the line. 12 points for the Lynx came from that line.

The one player that continued to play hard, even until the last seconds, was of course CandACE Parker! Of course you would expect any player that has been missing in action for over a month, to play with all of her might. Sadly, her teammates did not have as much fight in them as Ace. She stands alone with the game high of 18 points, as well as 2 steals, 3 assist, and 8 rebounds… Hopefully her crew gets it together soon….if not…they will be watching the Playoffs at home…again.


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