“Don’t You Count Us Out Yet!”



It seems nearly every rival fan, including a few Sparks fans supporters, have looked at the Sparks and turned their backs on them. Due to their uncommon losing season, it is not a surprise that fans are leaving this young team left into the water to fiend for themselves; However once the Sparks begin to show life, everyone of those fans, including add-on fans, will be right back cheering for them! Although the Sparks current record is a not so pretty 12-15, surprisingly the Sparks are just a game and a half out of the 4th seed for Playoffs! They can thank their also struggling friends in S.A. for that! Do I believe the Sparks will make it to the playoffs? Heck yes I do!! However, I do not believe they will be using S.A. as a bloody mop while doing so. (But we can talk about Playoffs in a later date) As of right now, back to last nights game….Sparks were forced to take this game into OT; OT is where a young lady by the name of Candace Parker TOOK OVER!!!!!!!!!

LAS  23|18|16|14|15|86
WAS  19|18|11|23|11|82

Ace played, and has been playing, absolutely phenomenal since she has returned!! Every single game she has been the leading scorer and a leading rebounder!! Of all the amazing shots Ace took last night, she of course took the shot that led the Sparks to go into OT!! At that point in the game, all jokes aside, something in Candace Parker’s eyes started to glisten. Candace did not ask to suffer her injury this season; her “come back” season was ripped away from her. You can bet your life that she is about to play with 110% of energy, doing any and everything she possibly can to make sure her team makes it to the Playoffs!!!! Candace Parker left the court with the team high of 19 points, 3 steals, 5 assist, and 9 rebounds! Great night for her indeed!!

I might be going down….But I am taking you with me!

Lol, now no, none of the Mystics players have actually said this, but it is clear that they’re thinking this. Many people are wondering why in the heck are they still playing basketball? Why won’t they just roll over and die already???? Clearly, they are not going to the Playoffs, but do I expect them to starting playing absolutely horrible bball? Sadly, no! The main reason being: Ummmm the Washington Mystics do NOT suck!!!! Standings and records mean nothing at all to me, the Mystics are currently suffering from the loss of 3 key players. With that in mind, they still are only losing games by just a few points. That seriously scares me! Just thinking about the vengeance that is to come next season…..smh not a pretty sight! One player however that refuses to believe her time has run out, is Crystal Langhorne. Leaving her heart out on the court; She ended the game with 28 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 assist!!


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  1. The Mystics are playing like a team in the running for a playoff spot when it would take a MIRACLE for them to even come close; and a lot of their recent games are not close losses. You have to admire their character! End the season with your head up and try to steal some W’s! All of the girls, Marissa, Crystal, Matee, Nicky, Jaz and the rest of the roster keep your head up, the league will be blown away by you girls next year!!

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