Tulsa’s Improving


Now no I am not illiterate; Therefore I do see the final score! However, these eyes of mine also are allowing me to see something that box score does not. That something, is the Tulsa Shock’s will to fight!

MIN  19|17|19|23|78
TUL  16|18|16|22|72
It is no secret that the Tulsa Shock are the worse team that ever existed in the WNBA history(according to their record.) Now I am not here to defend them in any way, however I do feel like the actual players deserve a bit more support from fans, other players, and coaches a like. The Shock are normally thought of to be that “easy win”, the team that gets blown out by at least 30 points a game. Now I can not sit here and lie, saying I watch every single Shock game intensively. With that being said, while I am watching teams stomp over them, I always notice a few of the Shock players going the extra mile. Over the last month or so, while watching more games, I began to notice that more and more players were stepping up for the Shock! And then we get to last nights game. No the Lynx did not just have “an off night” It was actually a pretty good game. Not even really low scoring, The Shock were able to stay right there with the Lynx for the entire game. But of course Lynx were able to jack up a few extra shots within the last couple of mins to allow them to get the close win. Regardless what the score board says, I am seriously proud of the Shock for playing a great game! Now, they just need to focus on next season, come out and player better than Ever!!



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