Adams Is Back!!

Ohhhh Adams!! A player a love to defend as well as rant and rave about! 🙂 Yes I am among the very few people who actually liked Texas A&M before they even won the championship; Shocking right!! But okay, all jokes aside, the woman in this picture can only be described in one word…….. Phenomenal!

Picture This: You just won the NCAAW DI Basketball Championship, you balled your ass off, get invited to the WNBA Draft, you feel on top of the world………And yet no one picks you………. Now no I am not going to relive the past too much, because I am fueled with anger every time I think about it, however it also inspires me. Adams had/s so much to prove, and she has done so with so much dignity and class; Very proud of her! Not once did she sit and complain about getting picked last. How did prove her worth? By dropping mad buckets on peoples heads!

The very thing I tweeted after the draft was “I pray D.Ad makes these idiot coaches pay!!’ =) And she has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently leading the way for her rookie class as the captain of the train!! Avg 14 points per game, as well as 5 rebounds and 1 assist! No rookie is playing better ball right now! There are a few rookies near Adams in points, like the talked about Maya Moore, however the thing that pushes Adams above her rookie class, the fact that she is a leader on her team. There have been many games already this season where Adams has hit the game changing shot! Such confidence can not me taught! Truly a remarkable player!


Coming back from a foot sprain, no one was sure how much D.Ad would contribute to her team. Welp, she stopped all of the doubts the second she got into the game. Although the Silver Stars lost against the Lynx, D.Ad had a great come back game!! Leaving the court with 10 points, 2 steals, 4 rebounds, and 1 assist!!!!! I tell you who is getting my vote for Rookie of the YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Team D.AD!!!!!!!


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