Mercury Lose Another Close One


[Choosing to talk about the Mercury despite the Sun’s big victory to hold onto their Number Two Seed. ]

Single Digits: The Mercury’s achilles heel. Whether the Mercs have won a game, or lost a game, 8/10 of their last games have been decided by just a few points. Few meaning just as much as 1 little point has cost the Mercs a game. Losing a hard fought battle against the New York Liberty on Tuesday night, many fans believed that the Mercs were going to “let the Suns have it!” Even though they did not win, did they not let the Suns run over them. 92 points is not the easiest thing to put on the board, so clearly the Mercs were not “out of wack” like I saw some people say on Facebook. The real question here, could be: “Why are the Mercury losing so many close games?” The typical fan will quickly say “It’s because DT is not playing!” However, that is not the case. The Mercs have lost many close games with their leaders all healthy, as well as DT being in this game. Talent is not white the Mercs are lacking at all; What are the missing? Not really a question that can be answered honestly.

{ Highlights: }

PHO  31|16|23|22|92
CON  25|19|21|30|95
Penny Taylor 
The Dynamic Duo is back!! In case you live under a rock, DT has been absent from a few games due to major back spasms. Although she was not able to physically support her team, she was always verbally and spiritually there; Clearly proven when she picks up T’s from on the bench. Last night was the night DT finally was able to be back at home= the court. Taylor, being happy her right hand man is back, had am amazing game as well. Both players ended the game as leading scorers with 26 points a piece. DT also had 3 assist and 2 rebounds; Taylor had 4 steals and 3 rebounds. If one more person would step up big for this Merc team, many more wins will come!
Asjha Jones
If you look at the stat sheet, the findings are incredible. The CT Sun does not only win because of their talent, but they win because of their teamwork. Every single player gets a touch, a shot, assist, rebound; you name it! Although Tina Charles was of course the leading scorer for this team, Jones was just one point under neath her and 2 rebounds above her! As I have said many times while profiling Jones, it is not the easiest thing in the world to have an amazing game when your teammates are all around the age of 25, however the fact that she does not try to be so great is what helps her so much! Jones is just trying to do what ever she can to help her young team make it to the  Playoffs. Now seeded as the number 2 seed, i think it’s safe to say the Sun are headed to the Playoffs! Jones left the court last night with 16 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assist!!


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