Silver Stars Not Ready To Lie Down


“If the Mercury gets this win they will clinch the Playoff berth, as well as the Storm!”



Now if all of us saw this headline on the WNBA main website, do you not think that the S.A. team members saw this as well? And once they did, do you think that for any moment they were overcome with sadness; making them just want to crawl into a hole and give up? heck no! If anything all Silver Stars fans should be praising and giving thanks to the writer of that article! Now sure, a hater, on looker, can point out that the Silver Stars have not been playing well lately. However, that is just it……..”lately.” If we are going to sit here and point out which teams have had a little bitty funk in the season, then honestly no team should “deserve” to go to the Playoffs besides (according to the standings) the Lynx! Every team goes through their trials tribulations, does that make them less of a team? Ummmm not in my book! The Silver Stars do in fact deserve to be going to the Playoffs, as much as it pains me to say being that I am still praying somehow my Sparks can make it in as well. Going from the last team standing at the beginning of the season, to being one of the only teams that has been able to hold onto the Lynx! With the Silver Stars having the best rookies that have the best court awareness, there is no doubt in my mind that the Silver Stars will be in the Playoffs for more than just one round!

Danielle Robinson

Finally!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo excited to be able to talk about D.Rob, I just simply do not know where to start!! From following her game at Oklahoma to now, I honestly do not see much of a difference in game play! This rookie does not play anything like a typical rookie is considered to play! Of course she has the ability to bring in 20 points per game, however she understands that is not her role on this team. Her job is to run the true point, get that ball to the shooters. Although I love seeing D.Rob take her wild jumpers that only she can accumulate, I also do not mind seeing her make some insane passes to her fellow veteran teammates. Veteran is such a modest word when it comes to players such as Becky Hammon. It is easily seen that the reason why the Silver Stars have such an amazing rookie class, is because of the leadership on this team. Speaking of leaders, another vet on this team let the Mercs have it last night! Jia Perkins left the court as the game/team highest scorer, ranking in 23 points, 2 assist, and 6 rebounds!



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