Fever Get A Crucial Spanking!


IND  19|14|11|11|55
CON  22|26|20|15|83

NO I did not just write that score in error, YES that was in fact the final score!! Let me brake this into parts so that I can thoroughly explain my reasons for why I am not shocked, but then again I am shocked………. o_O

Alright! Indiana Fever, the team that were once the top dawgs of the league.. my opinions:

They are not the best in the East…. Why do I say this? Not at all in any way to knock them off of their #1 seed pedestal, however I am simply an observer with opinions. So anyways, the reason for me making that statement does not even have anything to do with the fact that they seriously just got blow out, beat up, and dragged through wet mud…..It is the fact that I honestly can not remember looking at the standings and not see them on a losing streak. How the heck are they the #1 seed? Well because they did what no other team did in the beginning of the season, and that was win! The Fever were literally unbeatable in the beginning of the season, ending every game in a blow out! Surprisingly still able to  manufacture key wins with a few players down. I honestly do not understand the Fever’s losses. Whenever they do lose, it is not by a few points, like other teams on a losing streak. When they lose, they lose big; and this is something they have got to fix before the playoffs start. If any team can muscle up a win with only a few minutes left however, it is the Fever!!

I have spoken so highly of Tina Charles throughout the weeks of this WNBA season alone, I have decided to all her state from last night speak for themselves..

16 rebounds|10 assist|2 steals|3 blocks|10 points…………………………


the seasons first player to have a triple double……… Tina Charles, I respect you!


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