Parker Struggling To Carry Load

Oh Candace…. Everyone knows her story, however I am going to elaborate a bit more on this young veteran.

Just 9 games back from her torn lateral meniscus, Candace Parker seems to be playing better than ever. In not even 10 games, Ace has racked in 178 points and 73 rebounds………………………. That….is a lot!! Why a sudden do or die mentality from this player?? For the most part, no player likes to be benched for nearly two months, therefore Parker’s intensity and will to win is extremely higher than the typical players. Another reason why Parker is still having an MVP-like season, is because her team is at a very strange place….currently looking from the outside-in. One game. One game is all the Silver Stars need in order to make it into the Playoffs. The Sparks however are 2 whole games behind S.A. Both teams have 3 more games to play in this regular season. Although the Sparks can hope and pray that the Silver Stars do not win any of their next games, they actually have to count on themselves tonight. Yes tonight! The night that these two teams go head to head! Who wants it more?? Clearly Candace Parker is the most hungry player in the world right now! And although she brought in 32 points in the last game, that alone will NOT win a game! Her team needs to step up, they have one of the best benches in the entire WNBA. Hopefully they play like it tonight! If not………welp, I truly feel sorry for Candace!!


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