It’s Hammon Time!!!!

Becky Hammon will be the first to admit that this is not the best season of her career. Although the flaws are miniature in observers eyes, to Hammon they are enormous. Going from the only remaining unbeaten team at the start of the season, to then falling to a 6 game losing streak, the silver Stars have not had the prettiest road to walk on. How can a team once look so invincible, and now look nearly dried up? Well, first let’s clear the air:
It is true that the silver stars are in the last place, however this team certainly is not the weakest team in the Playoffs. Do not be fooled by the standings, although S.A. did hit a dry spell, nearly every single one of those games were lost by just a few points. Clearly this team is not lacking talent. S.A. is the team that holds the Rookie of the Year nominee Danielle Adams, who has been injured for as long as the Silver Stars have been losing. Proving that when they win, it is a team win. I have officially named this team the #1 team that depends on every single player to step up; Their chemistry is just phenomenal! With Becky Hammon being the head of this family, I do believe that the Silver Stars have what it takes to make it to the Final Four. Being that they have shown they can take on the, what most people believe to be “unbeatable” Lynx, this series will be one heck of a show down!
Like Becky said herself:
“I was due for a big game here”
And a BIG game that was! 37 points….and yet still was able to be the team player that she was naturally born to be! More of this and the Silver Stars will be THE team to beat!!!!

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