Has It Really Been Just The First Game??

There has been blowouts and there has been 1 point games. This playoffs season, so far, has been heart wrenching and nail biting, and so much more! I don’t know if there are any asthma having fans out there; but many times i have thought about going to get my inhaler!! A few games have left me in shock, as well as in disbelief. How have you guys been feeling??

Let’s break it down:

Game 1:


Amazing victory for Fever fans, heart wrenching loss for Liberty fans! GREAT game for all fans!

Pros for Indy: Got out to an amazing lead in the first! At one point the score was 21 to 6! Douglas and Catchings were both very active in this game, getting the right touches when needed.

Cons for Indy: At one point had a 15 point lead, however allowed the Liberty to continuously pull back.

Pros for Liberty: Down by 15 and able to come back by using their famous white line defense. As well as teamwork. Many bench players added in numbers as well as did their jobs defensively.

Cons for Liberty: Digging their selves into a massive hole, and not being able to climb out in time. As well as free throws. Key free throws were missed.

Analyst: The Liberty must come out of the first quarter leading, or not too far behind, if they are going to win this game. The Fever must continue to push hard on defense, not allowing the Liberty to come back in the game.

My Pick: Liberty will win Game 2 on their home court.



The only blow out that has happened so far. Leaving Storm fans cocky and Mercury fans depressed. Shocker.

Pros for Seattle: Teamwork. Makes the dream work! As cliche as it is, that is the only thing that comes to mind when I think about this game. The player that you least expect to shine, shined BIG TIME! Tanisha Wright shined like the undercover star that she is!Another thing which fans might not see on tv, is the willingness that her teammates gave to allow Wright to take those shots on her team. Unselfishness—-

Cons for Seattle: I honestly can not think of one…. Hmm. Maybe put more D on Bonner, because like I have said many times before Bonner is going to be that player that will hit that crazy random shot when you least expect it to happen.

Pros for Mercury: I have said it sooooooooo many times before, everyone can imagine I will say it again! Dewanna Bonner is a freaking beast!!!!!! Finally able to secure that starting position, showing Corey Gaines just why she needs to be starting in the first place. 10 points and 8 rebounds. NBA 3’s! Phew, bad night for PHX but great night for Bonner!

Cons for Mercury: If Diana Taurasi, Candice Dupree, and Penny Taylor are not all on board, than this will not be a pretty site. Mercury’s style of play was stopped by the Storm. Mercury run, and they were not able to do so. The whole team has to be contributing.

Analyst: Storm must keep up the same level of intensity they had on their home court, in order to beat the Mercury. The Mercury must get their key players the ball, as well as stop the turnovers, in order to beat the Storm.

My Pick: Will be a very hard fought battle, however if all of the Mercury come to play, they should be victorious in Game 2.


                   89                     @84

Insanely hard fought battle……until the most important quarter? o_O

Pros for the Dream: Okay now i can really say “Team work makes the Dream work” lol! The leading scorer was someone new for a change; Lindsey Harding player her game last night! And what a great game it was! Her game= Making amazing shots when needed, but also getting her teammates involved. That kind of play is key to beating a hard nosed team like the Sun.
Cons for the Dream: Focusing too much on the star players, have got to stop the other players, such as Greene and Jones, both of which had double figures. Also wayyyyyyyyy too many turnovers.
Pros for the Sun: Bench players coming in big, getting more PT as well as providing an offensive lift.
Cons for the Sun: Bigs not stepping up until it’s too late. Charles having to fend for herself, not enough help side.
Analyst: Tina Charles has get to get her hands on the ball more if the Sun are going to beat the Dream. Dream have got to keep giving the ball to Harding, as well as continue to share the ball in order to beat the Sun.
My Pick: Very hard to beat the Dream on their home court, however Renee Montgomery is due for a big game. The Sun will win Game 2.


The pain comes back….well for Silver Stars fans at least. I mean seriously, is it legal for a team to beat the same exact team by just one point again????

Pros for the Lynx: The Lynx played their game like they have all this season. As one. When one player feels it, the team encourages that player to take the lead and go as hard as they can. Positive reinforcement people. You will be surprised how far it goes.

Cons for the Lynx: No big really decided to make an appearance. Brunson for 4 points and T-Mac with 5. Bigs have got to make a bigger impact offensively in order to win “big.”

Pros for the Silver Stars: Well obviously S.A. did not play a horrible game, they only lost by 1…again. 4 players in double figures is something to be proud of! D.AD also, of course, played big, ending the game as the highest scorer with 16 points.

Cons for the Silver Stars: Focused greatly on the bigs, which was a successful endeavor! However let Whalen get away with many sneaky shots. Have got to pay attention to the guards as well.

Analyst: The Silver Stars must take control of the 3rd quarter, which I have noticed seems to be the Lynx best quarter. The Lynx have got to get their bigs involved if they want to absolutely get the big win.

My Pick: The Silver Stars will be tested, however they will win Game 2 on their home court.


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