And Then There Were Four..

Phew boy oh boy has it been one helk of a month?! Many upset fans, many disappointed fans, many shocked fans, many conceited fans.  Whatever the case may be, everyone has been greatly affected with the outcome of this playoff season so far!! And no matter if certain people like it or not…there are only four teams left people! Ahhhh times flies by so fast, does it not?


Time to Fight!!


Dream have beaten the Fever every single time they have played them this season. Four straight wins over the #1 seeded Eastern team, seems to be pretty obvious that the Dream have an advantage over the Fever….at least to the naked eye. It is true that the Fever have been beaten back to back to back to back by the Dream, however it is also true the Fever have lost all of those games by 10 or less.

The funny, well at least funny to me, thing is that these two teams facing off will point arrows in the direction of the two All-Stars Tamika Catchings and Angel Mccoughtry; When in all actuality the two players that just might be contributing to this series, are Lindsey Harding and Katie Douglas!

Harding Playoff: Avg 17pts, 3 rebounds, and 4 assist

Douglas Playoff: Avg 22pts, 4 rebounds, 2 assist

My Pick: Dream will win game 1.




The wild wild westttttt. Ahhhh Mercury and the Lynx, two of the better teams with some of the best players in today’s game. This match up should definitely be the fastest moving series left! Everyone knows that the Mercury are strictly offense. They love to run and they will make you run! That quality seems to always come in handy for the Mercury while battling the slower teams. Sadly for them, the Lynx can not only run with them but they can actually, at times, run faster than them. Proof for the 3-2 lead the Lynx had over the Mercury during the regular season.

The tough thing about these two teams facing each other, is the fact that everyone knows it will be nothing but high scoring games. However, everyone should know that offense only does so much. So the real question here is

What team is going to step up and lock up some good old fashioned Defense?

To be honest I can not answer that question. Every single game this season between these two teams has ended with less than 10 points on the final scoreboard. [All but one at least, when the Lynx completely blew the Mercury out by 17 points during a home game]

The only thing that I can for surely say! Is that Vets Sitdown, Bonner will once again save the day! Not at all saying that I believe the Mercury will be victorious, however just stating a fact. Dewanna Bonner is the most underrated player in the league, and she will be vital if the Mercury even have a remote chance of winning this series!

My Pick: Lynx will win game 1.


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