Time to Make a Statement: FEVER!!


Everyone in the world has heard by now of the great Tamika Catchings has had one of the worst injuries that a player can have! What kind of injury you ask? Although Catch has gone down noted with a foot sprain, even if it may seem like an ACL tear to all fans, her actual physical injury is not at all what I am talking about. Tamika Catchings has been in this league for an entire decade. Often compared to the Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash( because both of these players are one of the best to ever step foot on the court, and yet neither of them have an actual ring.) Ahh but that was is soon to change. Catch had everything falling into place for her. Everything seemingly so perfect that many rumors were spreading about this being her final season and that is the reason for her to be playing so well. But as we all know, Catch will be playing basketball until she is 90 years old! Haha! But back on subject; Her team remained the #1 seed in the East for pretty much the entire season. Blow out after blow out, it was only right that the WNBA gave Catch the MVP!!

So I say to you, right here right now, THAT HER TEAM IS NOT GOING TO LET HER DOWN TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch is hurting, and I do mean hurting bad!! Physically yes, but mainly mentally. How can the perfect world come crashing down in just seconds?? I do believe 100% that Catch will at least attempt to play tonight. I also believe however that the trainer will NOT clear her! Does that mean anything to Catch? Hell no it does not. So we must all pray that even though we love to see Catch’s heart, she must make the ultimate decision before it is too late!

My Statement: Indiana Fever will win this game with or with out their MVP Tamika Catchings!!


You will be surprised just how much a little drive and determination can get you people!!


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