The Final Chapter




CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??????????????????? Possibly in just three games the 2011 WNBA season will be OVER!! Gosh does four months go by fast or what?? But before we all begin to get depressed, let’s make the best of what we have. And what exactly do we have on our plates? Mmmmm how about one of these best match ups that we have have seen so far! The proclaimed best in the West, and the worthy best of the East about to go head to head to battle it out!! Should be an amazing match up, correct?

    Maybe or Maybe Not. Let us look inside this match up, shall we?

The Lynx and the Dream are a rare match up; for the simple fact that they have only played each other twice this season. Not only have these two teams not seen each other since June, but they honestly have not seen their true selves…

Did I just confuse you? Okay let’s dig deeper:


Dream:  Did you not say to your self that their would be a new Eastern Conference Champion this season? Laughing (if you do not like the Dream) at their horrible displays of defense at the beginning of the season? And then, did you not find your self whipping the smile off of your face during the end of the season? Despite their struggle, including numerous injuries and new players, somehow someway, the Dream have made their way back to the CHAMPIONSHIP!! How in the world are they doing it?? The term “steady” means oh so much. No, unlike the team they will be facing, the Dream will not be the team to blow out their enemies consecutively. The Dream get it where it hurts the most. Winning by a few. How is it possible for this team to do so? Free throws free throws free throws. Free throws wins games!! I swear it seems like the Dream are the only ones that know this!! And for that, the Dream have been, and will continue to be, VICTORIOUS!!!!

Lynx:  Honestly there is nothing to say here, so Lynx fans do not be mad if this section is not as long as the Dream’s. The Lynx have murdered every single team that has faced them. Even if the Lynx lost, I believe only 2 teams were able to blow them; And thankfully for the Lynx those two team are not in the Playoffs. Although I highlighted on how the Dream win in close games, and of course it is no secret that the Lynx win BIG! Do not be fooled. IF the Lynx are forced to play in a tight game, have no fear Lynx fans, there will always be at least 1 person on the team to take that game winning shot. Ughhh clearly because nearly every person on the Lynx team is an All-Star in their own right. And I would also like to point out, that even though the Lynx were winning at the end of the season, they were not always by large #’s. Some were even by single digits. But putting it in with what I just said, never worry Lynx fans, the Lynx will always get the shot that is needed the most. Also meaning that is looking as if the Lynx are virtually impossible to beat!

My Pick: For Game 1 ONLY Game 1: 

The Lynx will take care of home court……they will lead for the majority of the game. And when they win, it will be a BIG win!








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