Support Our Players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The WNBA Season is over and the Minnesota Lynx have been crowned the 2011 WNBA Champs, the end? WRONG!

That is far from the end! Yes, the WNBA season has ended but many players play overseas for international teams not to mention the USA team. So many teams disperse into different parts of the world. Those who were teammates are now opponents and those who are opponents are now teammates. Overseas is by no means any less that US play. The same competitiveness is require and the same athleticism is required. Our players play overseas because they love the game. They don’t care where they play. It could be in their back yard or across the ocean. If they don’t care, we shouldn’t either.We need to support our players as they go overseas. They need “home fans” supporting them on their journey and throughout there season. They deserve the same support for us! Players update there Facebook, tweet, and even make videos of their overseas experience. They share their plane rides, their delays, there winnings, and everything with us. If you follow @Cappa23 or @TeamCappa you will see exactly what’s going on. Everything we have here, they have there. You have opportunities to gear up in their Overseas team gear, see games that are online and brought to you by their country. There are so many ways for you to stay in touch with the players.

The players need to know that their fans are still beside them cheering them on whether they lose or win. They players need to know that their fans haven’t abandoned them for the NBA season, which is currently not happen. And think about it, do you have anything better to do. Football is only on Sundays Mondays and the occasional Thursday. If you watch NCAA, your Saturdays are taken up by college play. There are so many opportunities for you to see your US players overseas, you should cease the opportunity.


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