Diana Taurasi Is Week One MVP!!!!

In her very first season with Gala, DT has shown their fans that it is okay to accept the enemy!! The enemy? YES, the enemy. DT has been playing with one of Turkey’s finest, FENERBAHCE, for numerous years. Gaining the fans respect, and in case you missed my video: overseas fans make America die hard fans look like trash.  

Look at it like this:

Galatasaray and FENERBAHCE are like our Lakers vs Celtics match up!! Get it? Exactly!! So of course, DT was not necessarily opened with welcome arms when she did decide to sign with Gala this season.  However, as much as Gala ol’ faithful fans try to be, they’re are learning very quickly that they will be force to fall in love with this woman, just as all of us have. Love is such a strong word, is it not? Well would you not love a player that shot back to back threes, ending the game with 7-7 from behind the arc?? Haha, DT, as many other American players do take advantage of the lack of skill some overseas players have. DT used her amazing skill that she was blessed with to leave the court with 31 points and 8 rebounds, nearing a double double.

this is what one article had to say about DT’s excellence during one particular game where she put her entire team on her back:

Diana Taurasi made a huge statement upon her return to the EuroLeague Women, and it was not through words.

The American supestar, who played half season last year with Fenerbahce, did all the talking on the court in her debut game in a Galatasaray shirt.

Taurasi led the Turkish powerhouse to a hard-fought, despite what the final score suggests, win over VICI Aistes Kaunas in the season opener with a mind-blowing 7-of-7 from behind the threee-point arc.

She finished the game with 31 points, adding eight rebounds, six assists and two steals.

This stellar performance was more than enough for her to secure the title of the first MVP of the new season, with an efficiency index rating of 38.

—— FibaEurope

Continue to show your support fans for our players overseas!! With a positive attitude and a handy dandy translator, I know each and everyone of you will love overseas play!!!!


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