WNBA Trades: Good or Bad?

The WNBA has taken transactions to a whole new level this year. It seems that every team has picked up, released, or traded to get knew players. I would be shocked if there was any team that has the same roster. I’m not sure what Coaches and GMs are thinking but “transactions” are on their minds. Someone explain to me what’s happening to the WNBA?! Why so many trades and why so many bad ones? Let’s go team by team.

Seattle Storm: Why would the Storm trade Swin Cash and Le’Coe Willingham for the 2nd overall pick?! I understand it is the 2nd pick but that rookie can’t replace those two.They traded two of their best players for a draft pick, not even an actual person. But they did acquire Ann Wauters and Tina Thompson. I’m not sure what they were planning to do with those two. They are great players but they can’t replace Swin and Le’Coe. They also traded ARob for Victoria Dunlap. I personally don’t understand that trade but they must’ve thought it was a good decision. Lauren won’t be with them for the first half of the season and they will also be down a couple great stars, I don’t knwo if they will be able to bounce back from these decisions.

Chicago Sky: The Sky had me speechless several times this year. They made a decent trade for Cash and Willingham; they didn’t lose anyone but they gained a whole lot! I don’t see why they traded their 2nd pick though. Last year they had the 3rd pick and they grabbed Courtney Vandersloot who played great for them. They almost formulated their own Big 3. The Sky also picked up Ruth Riley who will add experience to their team. They also signed Ticha Penicheiro who is a great veteran guard. It looks like they are trying to have a mixed team of great athletes. I don’t know if their plan is going to work but if it does they will be great.

Washington Sparks…I mean LA Mystics: What happened with these two teams? I feel like they have almost completely traded players! The Sparks first traded Noelle Quinn in exchange for Marissa Coleman. The Sparks made a great trade but I don’t know about the Mystics. Marissa Coleman and Kristi Toliver were great college players in Maryland! They had so much chemistry and I know they are going to bring that same flavor and style to LA. The Sparks also signed Alana Beard. She’s a great player and she is also healthy so I’m sure she is going to show off this year. Sparks also acquired Nicky Anosike in a trade for Natasha Lacy and LaToya Pringle Sanders. The Mystics resigned a lot of their players such as Crystal Langhorned and Monique Currie but they lost some greats, but they also picked up some great bench players from the Sparks

These 4 teams have made drastic changes and I’m curious to see how these trades are going to change the teams. Usually when teams make trades, sign, and release, they have big ideas. I hope all these teams make these decisions count this year. If so, this will be a crazy WNBA season.


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