WNBA Movement Mock Draft

The draft is approaching and approaching quickly! This will definitely be one of the more interesting drafts. Last year, you knew who was going where, but this year things have changed. There have been so many trades that it’s hard to keep track of everything! We’ll see if the actual draft plays out this way.

The Sparks have the first pick in this years draft and I have no doubt that they will choose Nnemkadi Ogwumike from Stanford. Ogwumike is a great player and she is an excellent center. She averages 18.5 points a game and 9.89 rebounds. Her stats are good as a college player but I know the Sparks’ new head coach Carol Ross will transform her into the WNBA star she will be. Many people think the Sparks shouldn’t select another Center because they have so many already. But if you look closer into their roster, you will see they only have 1 center who can’t play the forward spot as well. Jantel Lavender is only true center the Sparks have. Ogwumike will be a great addition to their team.

Seattle has made a lot of decisions in the off-season but their first 2012 draft selection would be Kayla Standish from Gonzaga.  She played alongside Courtney Vandersloot who was the third overall pick last year in the draft. Standish continued playing like an all-star being the 5th player in Gonzaga history to score more than 600 points in a season. Last year, she averaged 16.4 points, 7.5 rebounds, as well as being 78.9% from the three-point line. Seattle needs  a big forward that can shoot from the outside and be a big factor and Standish may be the player they need.

Minnesota is definitely going to choose Shenise Johnson. Lindsey Whalen is a great point guard but when she’s out, there’s not a point guard that can fill in for her and keep her caliber of play. Johnson is coming from Miami and she is a great athelete. She’s one of the few players that have racked up 2000 points, 1000 rebounds, 500 assists, and 400 steals. These stats don’t exactly scream guard but never the less she is a great one. Minnesota has lost a few key players but they still have a great look for a championship team. Shenise will add to depth as well as adding another factor for their team.

The Tulsa shock should select Ogwumike but seeing how the Sparks will pick her up, there next pick will be Devereaux Peters. Peters comes from Notre Dame was a great competitor and athlete and will be great in the WNBA. The Tulsa Shock need both offense and defensive. They picked up some offense last year when they selected Kayla Pedersen but they need a bit of a defense boost this year and Peters will serve as that as well. Even if Peters isn’t a phenomenal athlete scoring 20+ points a game her skills and abilities will carry Tulsa on the defensive end.

The Silver Stars are in a similar issue as the Lynx. Last year in the draft, the Stars hit the lottery selecting Danielle Adams and Danielle Robinson who were both selected to the WNBA All-Rookie team. This year, I believe their choice will be Glory Johnson. Johnson is a great competitor that was Summit Trained. There is no doubt that when she comes into the WNBA that she will expound on her ablites and add to the team she is selected by. Becky Hammon and Tully Bevilaqua did a great job at the 1 position leading their team on the defensive and offensive end. Danielle Robinson also circled in for them as well as playing the 2 position as well. By adding Glory Johnson the Silver Stars will have 4 top guard to rotate throughout the point guard and shoot guard positions.

Phoenix has no choice but to choose Natalie Novosel. Phoenix is a team that controls the tempo of the game and Novosel will fall right into that style. She, too, came from Notre Dame where she played a great part in Notre Dame’s success. Novosel is  a catch-and-shoot guard or a catch-and-drive guard which makes her versatile and also a threat to many of her competitors. She is going to add a lot to Phoenix.

The New York Liberty haven’t made too many decisions in the off-season but I hope they decide to pick up Courtney Hurt from VCU. Hurt has played with Liberty’s Montgomery and Hollingsworth. She is a great forward and the Liberty definitely need that. She can serve as either forward because she plays an excellent post game. New York has a great circulation of forwards and adding Hurt to the list just makes the rotation stronger. Hurt can really help boost the New York bench as well as adding a different flavor to the team.

Shekinna Stricklen should be the Mystics first selection of the draft. Stricklen is another Tennessee great coach by the famous Pat Summit. The Mystics needs a player that perform at each front court position. She is a 6 foot 2 guard/forward that can move throughout the positions. The Mystics have acquired many players from the Sparsk and with this addition they will have a nice roster to go into the 2012 season.

Connecticut will definitely be choosing another UCONN graduate this year. Tip Hayes will fit right in with the Sun’s roster. She has history with a few players on their team and I know their coach will love her. Hayes led the team with an average of 15.1 points per game. Hayes will come into this team bringing her style and skill. Hayes will serve as a great guard for the Sun.

Washington would make another great selection by choosing Samantha Prahalis. She’s one of the best players from Ohio State. Prahalis is definitely a guard that Washinton needs. Strciklen and Prahalis will make a good team with the style they play. The Mystics have quite a few guard on their roster now and by adding Prahalis they will lengthen as well as strengthen their bench.

The Indiana Fever’s best bet is to select Brittany Rayburn as their first pick. Rayburn can either play as a point guard or as a shooting guard. She is great at either position she needs to play. Coach Dunn could use her as a spark of the bench for some of her starters. Tamika Catchings and Katie Douglas will sculpt her into a good guard. She is also a good shooter from beyond the arc and the Fever could definitely use that in a player.

The returning champs have the last selection in the draft as always and this year that team is the Lynx. The Lynx are in very good shape and with the addition of Sasha Goodlett from Georgia Tech they will be in better shape. She is a great center that the Lynx may be needing in the future. Taj McWilliams-Franklin will have a large part in scuplting her as a post player. This is their best choice in the first round.

Well the draft is approaching quickly so we shall see what happens!


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