Angry Fans vent!!!!!

(Taken from Twitter) – @TeamCAPPA

So the WNBA has time to make a bias commercial for Diana Taurasi BUT not enough time to tell fans Live Access is NO LONGER FREE????? Maybe the wnba wouldn’t have to charge fans for FREE Live Access if they didn’t spend an ENTIRE commercial ad on ONE damn player!!!!! Live Access is pure crap! Every fan agrees with this! For them to secretly make a price tag is preposterous!! wnba BETTER HAVE WAY BETTER QUALITY THAN LAST YEAR ON LIVE ACCESS IF WE’RE ALL GOING TO PAY FOR IT!!!!!!! wnba needs to understand that it’s not about the price tag! It’s just common courtesy!!!!! TELL YOUR FANS WHEN YOU CHANGE SOMETHING!!!! The fact that I now have dozens of people in my mentions asking me about the NOT SO FREE live Access is sad!    Says a DT fan! RT @Audri4Christ@TeamCAPPA@wnba lol! Yeah I didn’t agree w/ that how do you let one player represent the entire league!  The new @WNBA president is suppose to have a marketing degree correct???? And she thought that making a ONE MAN commercial was okay???? @Wnba If I see even 1 game on Live Access black out or turn green like last season, I and many other fans will be DEMANDING OUR MONEY BACK!! Did the @wnba think about the adults that live pay check 2 pay check?? Or the kids whose parents won’t give them the money to purchase it??  Let me apologize on behalf of the @wnba to all of the fans that are unable to PAY to watch our girls play! I’ll try to find yall FREE links! 

Now before the voice of reason decides to try to debate with me, please do understand fans, I do understand very much so that if all WNBA fans decide to pay $5 for this service, the money will greatly benefit the WNBA. However that is not what I am talking about right now. The upsetting part about this all is that the WNBA did not even tell us. If this were the NBA, they would have told us months ago that they were even as much as thinking about changing a price! I am just disappointed with the WNBA and season has not even started yet…….. Will you be buying this service? I will…. but not happily. 


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