Kristi Toliver leads the Sparks past Storm, 72-66

The Sparks started their season on a very high note with a come-from-behind victory! If you’re a Sparks fan, you must still be excited! The game appeared to be over going into the fourth quarter, but the Sparks weren’t dead yet. Seattle was leading the first 3 quarters. Tina Thompson, Ann Wauters, and Sue Bird kept the lead the Storm into the fourth with a 56-42 lead. What seemed to be a Sparks loss was turning into a victory. The Sparks out-scored Seattle 30-10 in the final quarter to steal the win!

Kristi Toliver was a pistol in this game! She scored 25 points last night to lead both teams. Kristi scored 10 of 25 in the 4th quarter to lift the Sparks over the Storm. Seattle couldn’t shut her down in this game. Anyone who guarded her was left behind to watch her make a shot or to deliver an assist. Toliver started her reign with a three and it continued after.

Candace Parker was also involved in the Sparks victory. Although Toliver was the leading scorer, Parker added another 11 points to seal the victory. Parker and Toliver vibed throughout this game assisting each other until the game was one.

Nneka Ogwumike, first pick of the 2012 draft, did showed herself in this game as well. She scored a total of 9 points and racked up 3 steals. She scored crucial points at crucial times. Delisha Milton-Jones had 4 points but her defense spoke for itself. She grabbed 7 rebounds which were all on the defensive end. As well as having 7 rebounds, she grabbed 5 steals for the game. She had a huge defensive contribution.

Ann Wauters wasted no time getting used to the Storm jersey. She started off this game with quick layup with the assist from Sue Bird. Wauters scored 10 of the Storms 1st quarter points. She was the leading scorer for Seattle and showed that you can’t count her out. Sue BIrd was a 3-pointer away from leading the team in points but instead she lead the team in assists. 3 of those assists came in the first quarter which many were passes to Ann Wauters. Not only did she have 6 assists, but she had 6 defensive rebounds. Last but not least, Tina Thompson, former Sparks player, was 2 rebounds away from a double-double. She scored 12 points and grabbed 8 rebounds in this game. Seattle had the opportunity to win, but the Sparks were too much to handle.

Next Game: The Sparks host the Storm in their next matchup and that offers a significant advantage. The Sparks proved that they can come back from a large deficit away so imagine what they can do at home. If the Sparks start the next game how they finished the previous one, they will surely win. Seattle needs to keep the steam going from beginning to the end or the Sparks will come out victorious again.


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