Sky flies by Mystics to Win, 69-57

ImageThe Chicago Sky performed today. Even though they have an almost entirely new roster, they came out and got the W on the road. The Sky used all their skills, talents, and abilities to win the game against the Mystics. The Mystics statistically played a better game but the win wasn’t there.

Sylvia Fowles played her key role as she usually does. She scored 23 points and grabbed 12 rebounds.  Fowles always brings a burst from beginning to end and her burst was contagious. Epiphany prince caught the heat and scored 16 points. She also dished 3 assists and had 3 steals.

Swin Cash treated this game like any othe which sheshould have. She played as thoughshe was still in a Storm jersey and scored 14. Those 14 points were crucial points for the Sky. Vandersloot and Cash clicked this game. I’m very excited to see Cash continue to get better as the season progresses.

Mo Currie and Crys Langhorne were the only two players that played as though they wanted to win. Combined they scored 30 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. They worked as a team on both ends of the court and you could see their desire to win. Unfortunately, these were the only players that worked. Robinson and Thomas both had 8 points but that wasn’t enough to get the win.


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