Chicago Sky

The Sky made excellent decisions  in the off season and their first game proved their decisions were correct. The Sky was a relatively young team but in the off-season they picked up some seasoned players that will help them create a great team.

Swin Cash, Le’Coe Willingham, Ruth Riley and Ticha Penicheiro have joined the Sky this year. Cash and Willingham were acquired from the Seattle Storm. They were both huge parts of the team. The Storm lost two great players and the Sky were lucky enough to pick them up. Ruth Riley came from the Stars and she was a great veteran player that the Sky team needs. She’s going to strengthen the bench for the Sky. Ticha Penichero  will fill the void that the Sky sometimes have. She is an great guard and she has plenty of people to pass it to.

The Sky have all the necessary components this year but they don’t have the ability to make it to the finals. Their team will have to work together so everyone’s unique talents and abilities will shine. Coach Pokey Chatman has to find the right 5 to be on the court at a time. Too many of the same players will cause an off balance mix. The Sky have a great selection of guards, centers, and forwards but the combination has to be perfect.

The focus for the Sky needs to be growth, winning should not be their main goal. If they can grow together this season and strengthen their chemistry and flow their next few years will be successful.


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