Lynx defeat Sparks late in Q4, 92-84

This was a spectacular game full of huge ties and lead changes. Both teams played like they wanted to win but only one can get the W.

In the first quarter, Lynx led 30-19. Augustus, Wright, Brunson, Wiggins and Moore were the only scorers in this quarter but they got the job done. The shots just weren’t fallen for the Sparks. The Sparks were answering every shot the Lynx shot until the last few minutes in the quarter. The Sparks missed several shots while the Lynx kept putting it in. After that point, the Lynx continued to score and the Sparks continued to go through a dry spell.

In the second quarter, the Sparks battled late. Q2 started with Peters fouling Toliver. Toli made both of those shots to close the gap. Toliver hit a 3 after a Lynx turnover. Toliver, Ogumike, Parker and Coleman picked up the pace in this quarter. The Lynx had a terrible 2nd quarter. They scored 14 points that quarter while the Sparks scored 28. At the end of the quarter, the Sparks were leading by 3.

After the half, the Sparks kept the momentum in this quarter. In Q3, the Sparks battled to increase their lead and the Lynx battled to get it back. This entire quarter was full of transition style play. Ogumike would make a shot then Moore would go down on the offensive end and make a shot. This was a competitive quarter but at the end, the Lynx were still trailing by 4.

The Lynx were helped by the refs. For the most part of the game, the refs sat back and allowed the teams to play, but in the Q4 they got involved and evolved the game. Q4 started with a PF by Hoffman sending Brunson to the line. Both teams scored in this quarter but a majority of the Lynx points were from the FT Line. Both teams played a great game but the Lynx ended on top.


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