Sun defeat the Stars, 83-79

The Connecticut Sun, powered by Renee Montegomery, defeated the Silver Stars last night in an exciting game. The Silver Stars, lead by Danielle Adams, fell short this game but definitely had a team experience.

In the 1st quarter, Adams started the Silver Stars right with a quick jump shot. A minute later the ball was in her hands again and she hit a 3 showing off her great shooting ability. After that 3, the Sun started to wake up. A couple shots by Jones and got the Sun closer. The Silver Stars answered each shot until Montgomery hit a 3 which killed their momentum and morale. The Stars didn’t score again until the last 2 minutes. Shameka Christon ended the quarter with a 3 pointer. SAS 19 CON 23

In the second quarter, the Sun set the tone with an And 1 play. Griffin drove to the hoop, made the shot, and was fouled by Jayne Appel. The Silver Stars took over the next two minutes but didn’t make a shot. The Sun only got two looks, but the Stars couldn’t connect at the rim. The Sun committed a couple fouls which sent two Stars players to the line. After another stretch of competition, Hammon laid it in with less than 2 minutes in the half. Jayne Appel ended the half for the Stars with a putback layup. SAS 35 CON 36

After the half in Q3, the Sun would lead by 5 points. This quarter was a great competing quarter for these teams. Many off the shots for both teams were in transition but other times they were dominating the scoreboard for a few minutes. Montgomery continued to score in this quarter but had help from teammates such as Danielle McCray and Asjha Jones. On the other side, the Silver Stars were still led by Adams but other players helped to try and finish the quarter strong. SAS 55 CON 60

In the Q4 Christon started it with a 3 cutting the lead to 2. Adams made a shot and that was the last Stars shot made until 5 minutes later when Perkins was sent to the FT line. In those 5 minutes, the Sun scored 13 points increasing their lead. After Perkins made her shot, the Stars were revived and began to compete again. The Sun continued to score, led by Montgomery, and the Stars ran out of time.  SAS 79 CON 83


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