Washington beats Tulsa, 64-61

This was an excellent game! Both of these teams played great in the 1st half but in the last two quarters, the script changed. After the first quarter, the score was tied 16-16. The starting lineups of these teams kept it close scoring in transition. At the end of the quarter, Matee Ajavon evened the score with 2 made FT shots. Johnson tried to put her team up by two but she missed the jumper.

At the half, the Mystics jumped up by 6 powered by Ajavon. She made most of the shots this quarter although she had help from Langhorne and Currie. Dorrell and Johnson seemed to be the only players that were active in this quarter for the Shock. Ajavon was a threat in this quarter on offense but she stopped many plays on the defensive end as well.

Washington almost double the points that Tulsa scored in the Q3. Both teams had poor quarters as far as shooting but the Mystics had the upper had at the end of this quarter. Tulsa came out from the Q3 with a huge run. Tulsa shut Washington down in this quarter only allowing them to score 8 points. Although Tulsa had a huge effort, they couldn’t make it count in the end.


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