5/27 Game Day Preview

Tulsa Shock vs. Los Angeles Sparks

Who Wins? LA Sparks. Poor Tulsa has almost no chance in this game. The Shock are good but no that good. Like most teams, they don’t have an answer for Candace Parker. Even if the Shock had Elizabeth Cambage on their roster, they still couldn’t contain her. Parker is leading all the charts for MVP. She is playing like she wants the MVP title, the Champion title, and the Finals MVP title. No one is stopping Parker or the Sparks this season.

The Sparks bench is excellent! Everyone has the ability to score and everyone has the ability to change the game completely. Players like Marissa Coleman, Jantel Lavender,  and Ebony Hoffman change the game when they enter regardless of how many minutes they play. When Parker and Toliver come out, the game and style of the Sparks doesn’t change because they are replaced with great competitors.

Tulsa has a good team but not a great team. Temeka Johnson is doing great leading her team but she doesn’t really have anyone up to her caliber to play. Ivory Latta and Scholanda Dorrell have been doing a great job themselves but the rest of the team is falling short. Kayla Pedersen was excellent in college but when she hit the WNBA, her competitiveness slowed down and she went from the spotlight to the background. Glory Johnson is going to be a core part of this Shock team.


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